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  1. Andrew21091

    The rise of Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses in the Caucasus

    "Armenia and Georgia were the first to adopt Christianity as their state religion; now, American evangelical sects beckon July 5, 2014 5:00AM ET by Tara Isabella Burton In the Armenian town of Artashat, a grid of Soviet concrete and corrugated tin roofs an hour from the capital city of...
  2. Andrew21091

    1989: 1000 ‘Russian Orthodox’ Priests Surfaced as Ukrainian Catholics?

    http://catholicism.org/1989-1000-russian-orthodox-priests-surfaced-as-ukrainian-catholics.html This information, incredible as it seems, was revealed this past week by Father Andriy Chirovsky, pastor of St. Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church in Tucson and founder of the Metropolitan Andrey...
  3. Andrew21091

    More canonizations to come!

    The Church was just blessed to have Elder Porphyrios officially canonized and we can expect more to come in the next few days. According to Abbot Tryphon's (of All Merciful Savior Monastery) blog the Elders Paisios, Amphilochios of Patmos, Sophrony of Essex, and Ephraim of Katounakia will be...
  4. Andrew21091

    For a health issue I'm having

    For the last 27 hours I've been experiencing mild chest and throat discomfort. I think a food bolus impaction may be causing it. It feels like there is something stuck down in my lower esophagus. If this discomfort doesn't go away by the time I wake up, I'm going to head to the doctor. Please...
  5. Andrew21091

    Struggles with faith

    Please pray for me. I am struggling very much with my faith. It is becoming increasingly hard for me to believe. I struggle to pray and I struggle to believe. I've struggled with severe doubts about Orthodoxy. Its progressing and it is slowly starting to cause me to question my beliefs in...
  6. Andrew21091


    If God is all knowing and all good, then why did He create us? He knew that He would create us, that humanity would fall, and many people would suffer on earth and in the afterlife (hell). Why are we here then? God knew well before He made us that many of us would die and go to hell to suffer...
  7. Andrew21091

    The Sacred Heart

    Out of curiosity, do any Western Rite Orthodox Churches (either in the ROCOR or Antiochian) practice devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?
  8. Andrew21091

    Do we lose free will when we die?

    God has given us the gift of free will. The ability to choose between good and evil. However, when we die and go to heaven, is our free will taken from us? Why did God create us and then give us free will? Will He just take that free will away from us when enter heaven? A friend of mine asked...
  9. Andrew21091

    Looking for an icon.

    I'm looking for a mounted print icon of St. Adalbert of Prague. Does anyone know if I could find one for sale online?
  10. Andrew21091

    Cyrus the Great of Persia

    Issah Ghi-yam kard! Their are multiple verses in the Old Testament (Ezra and Isaiah) in praise of Cyrus the Great of Persia who was a liberator of the Jews in Babylon. Isaiah refers to him as God's anointed "whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him" (Isaiah 45:1). Now, since...
  11. Andrew21091

    Jewish Liturgy/Temple worship

    I started thinking after seeing the "liturgy and judaism" thread. What consisted of Temple worship in Judaism during and before Christ's time? Was there structured liturgical services like we in the Orthodox Church have now? What did worship in the Jewish Temple look like?
  12. Andrew21091

    Rising Religious Tension Sparks Fear In Egyptian City

    Rising Religious Tension Sparks Fear In Egyptian City Many who took part in Egypt's popular uprising hoped it would lead to improved relations between the country's Muslims and the Christian minority. But in some Egyptian cities, residents say religious tensions are worse than ever. One of the...
  13. Andrew21091


    Is there any good Orthodox poetry out there? I already know about St. Ephraim and St. Symeon but are there any others?
  14. Andrew21091

    The Ka'ba

    I've recently been reading a book about the life of Muhammad by Daniel Peterson. In the chapter about pre-Islamic Arabia he talks about how many Christians would pray at the Ka'ba. From the book: "It is even said that Christians occasionally came to the Ka'ba, to honor the sanctuary...
  15. Andrew21091

    FOr my girlfriend

    Please pray for my girlfriend. She is suffering from some serious neck and back pain as well as a lot of stress. Please pray that God relieves her pain. Lord have mercy!
  16. Andrew21091

    My grandmother has departed this life

    My grandmother who had the stoke passed away this morning. Please pray for her. Her name is Florence. May her memory be eternal!
  17. Andrew21091

    For my grandmother

    I want to ask everyone to pray for my grandmother. She had to go to the hospital and may have had a stroke.
  18. Andrew21091

    Asking for prayers

    I've been having serious struggles with many things. Despondency and depression are really hitting me hard and my cynical and pessimistic attitude never helps with anything. I have been trying to change my mode of thought so that I'm not always assuming the worst in most things. It seems I truly...
  19. Andrew21091

    Interview with Fr. Pimen Simon of the Old Rite Church of the Nativity in Erie

    I was recently sent a very interesting interview with the rector of the Church of the Nativity, Fr. Pimen. This is a great read. He gives a brief history of how his parish went from being a community of priestless Old Believers to a parish under the Church Abroad and also talks about his hopes...
  20. Andrew21091

    What is the proper way to use these?

    I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this in. What is the proper way to use an Athonite cork float?