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    Christ and Mary (re: Archimandrite Vassilios Bakoyannis book)

    I just read this book (checked out of our church library): THE MOTHER OF CHRIST: THE MOTHER OF GOD By Archimandrite Vassilios Bakoyannis Orthodox Book Centre Athens 2005 ISBN 960-88981-3-7 and I have some concerns about some things I read, as follows: 1. A few days after the Assumption of...
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    Long question about the Eucharist and the Lord's Supper

    Re: the following: I'm not talking about the bread and wine becoming Christ's body and blood in general or at every Eucharist. I know what the Church and what some of the Early Church Fathers teach about that. I'm specifically asking what the Church teaches about what did or did not happen to...
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    THE ORTHODOX LITURGY by Hugh Wybrew - some comments

    I just finished THE ORTHODOX LITURGY: The Development of the Eucharistic Liturgy in the Byzantine Rite, by Hugh Wybrew, a book recommended by several persons online. Wybrew is an Anglican, and has spent years associating with Orthodox Christians and studing the Divine Liturgy. Bishop Kallistos...
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    Concerns about conversion & Orthodox church - The Ochlophobist comments

    Some interesting/provocative comments about conversion to Orthodoxy and the Orthodox church in general from The Ochlophobist's blog: http://ochlophobist.blogspot.com/ Specifically this 4-part series "the überfromm snuggling up to the gates of hell, parts I-IV"...
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    Anyone read this: The Divine Primacy of the Bishop of Rome & Modern E.O.?

    Has anyone here read this book? Any comments from those who have? THE DIVINE PRIMACY OF THE BISHOP OF ROME AND MODERN EASTERN ORTHODOXY: LETTERS TO A GREEK ORTHODOX ON THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH, by James Likoudis http://credo.stormloader.com/letters.htm The author, Likoudis, is a former...
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    The Orthodox Way forum - info

    deleted by me.
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    Icons in bathroom?

    I have heard that one should not have a Bible in the bathroom - i.e., where one uses the toilet - and the same goes for icons. However, our toilet is in a separate room with its own door separating it from the room with the sinks and shower and bathtub. There are also clothes closets in that...
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    Frederica on Markides GIFTS OF THE DESERT = "No Jesus"

    An excerpt: That’s why fans of “Mountain of Silence” have been looking forward to “Gifts of the Desert.” But a friend who read an early copy told me, “Somehow, it’s pretty dry.” It took me half the book to figure out what’s causing this dryness: it’s that Jesus is missing...
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    THE ORTHODOX CHURCH: A WELL-KEPT SECRET by Nicozisin - comments?

    One reviewer has this to say about Nicozisin's THE ORTHODOX CHURCH: A WELL-KEPT SECRET (Light + Life): "This book tries to give a bit of everything, but ends up doing nothing very well. First, the book is not very large, which is not a good sign when you are trying to cover two thousand years...
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    A TINY STEP AWAY FROM FAITH - 17-yr-old ortho convert story

    This book by a 17-year-old girl (now at Church of the Holy Cross - Catholic/Jesuit school) raised Reform Jewish and received into the Orthodox Church in 2005 is pretty good (currently at St. George Orthodox Cathedral AOC, Worcester, MA) - and VERY good considering her age. Insight/comments on...
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    HYMN OF ENTRY - any comments/reviews?

    This book was highly recommended to me. Any thoughts? Hymn of Entry Archimandrite Vasileios http://www.svspress.com/product_info.php?products_id=96 Theology, as seen by Archimandrite Vasileios, is by its very essence liturgical; it is not a philosophy or a system but the expression of the...
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    Where did the "modify" button go? I can't edit/correct my posts anymore.

    Where did the "modify" button go? I can't edit/correct my posts anymore. Did something change? Does it go away after, e.g., 24 hours of the first posting of a message (because I do in fact now see it with this new post - but not with my posts of the last 2 days)?
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    COMMON GROUND by Jordan Bajis (Light & Life) - Question(s) about the book/author

    COMMON GROUND: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity for the American Christian by Jordan Bajis. This book is highly recommended by many people, including Light & Life, the publisher. My wife and I have read it and it seemed pretty good. My question/concern is with the author. He attended St...
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    Greetings from a serious Orthodox inquirer

    Christ is born! I just discovered this forum yesterday and decided to register. By way of introduction as a potential/prospective convert to Eastern Orthodoxy, here is something I wrote a few months back about how we (my wife and I) became interested in the Orthodox church. It's sort of a...