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    Modern Greek and Russian vs. Koine and Slavonic

    As an amateur linguist, I am eagerly watching this thread. *gets popcorn* Back to the discussion, please.
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    Pews again? I hope not.

    I wouldn't know, seeing as I'm in the altar most services, helping wrangle altar boys.  And trying not to strangle them with the censer for horsing around.
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    Greek & Russian Liturgical Differences

    The only problem is that it doesn't make any sense from a linguistic perspective. From Fr. Demetrios Hatzidakis' book The Heavenly Banquet: Besides being very hard to explain what 'a mercy of peace' might mean, there is a grammatical problem with this construction.  Eleon has to be in the...
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    At Franciscan, Discernment needed

    Just remember if you ever want help with the Stuebenville area, drop me a line.  I've lived there all my life.  Too bad I'm at school myself now.  ANd I have no car, or I'd go to church with you some Saturday or Sunday. -Philip.
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    part 1 of 101 Questions

    So, um, mods: any idea when Robby can program in an ignore button?
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    Furture Career in Orthodoxy?

    ^ is a lucky man.  I wanna go to Germany too, especially since my grandmother's maiden name was Kriner.  Of course, I also want to go to most of the countries in Europe, so maybe I should save up money and take a Gran Turismo in a few decades... -Philip.
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    +John, Archbishop in Jail

    This is rather interesting: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A List of All of macedonia74's Citations: http://www.mpc.org.mk/English/news2.asp?id=909 - post 2...
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    +John, Archbishop in Jail

    Because the historic name of the Church in that geographical area is "The Archbishopric of Ochrid", not "The Macedonian Orthodox Church".  It wasn't Bp. Nikolai of Macedonia who wrote the Prologue;  it was Bp. Nickolai of Ochrid, and it's the Prologue of Ochrid...
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    Pre-Emptive War Officially Condemned By Antiochians

    You'll realize once you've been on this website for a little while longer that facts that your opponent disagrees with do about as much good as Bahama shorts do in Petersburg in January. -Philip.
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    Small Relic - Great Weight!

    And I'm leading it the rest of the time. ;D
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    How fast is Orthodoxy spreading?

    SHHHHH!!!!  You don't want His Eminence to come after you with his whiptki, do you? ;D Seriously, though.  I doubt that His Eminence ever has to crack anything over his parishes, but if he had to, I don't doubt that he would.  The Antiochians, on the other hand, are another matter (says the...
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    Small Relic - Great Weight!

    Is it just me, or did Tom just call us all Holy Fools? -Philip.
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    what do priests do all day?

    I like this solution (says the man who has sat in on a year's worth of parish council meetings at a financially struggling parish and who couldn't be paid enough to join one). -Philip.
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    How fast is Orthodoxy spreading?

    Well, here's what I know is going on with OCA parishes in Western PA/Eastern OH/Northern WV: On the whole, the parishes that I have been to are in rather good shape.  However, there are also a few dying churches (especially one in Stuebenville, OH that I attended once - I was the only person...
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    Problems with Pixels

    I forgot about this, but when I started up this morning, no luck.  Screen's still huge. Help! -Philip.
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    Hey!!!  I might be from America, but I know the metric system passably well.  I prefer it, actually...  Makes more sense... -Philip.
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    Interesting, SS99.  Whereabouts are the dimensions for that pot (just rough estimates, please)?  I'm very interested, even though I'm going to have to wait 10 more days before I make it... -Philip.
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    LOTR Symphony

    Wow.  I knew that Maestro Mauceri was the conducter of the PSO, but I didn't know that he was the one who convinced Howard Shore to arrange the symphony.  That's amazing. Which performance did you go to, Fr. Dn.?  I was at the one on Saturday, and I was blown away.  Unfortunately, I had...
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    Slivo and coffee?ÂÂ Ugh...ÂÂ For some reason, I don't think plum coffee would taste too good...  :P Anyway, can you make T***ish coffee if you don't have the right pot?  How would do that, just boil it in a small stove pot or what? -Philip.
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    Problems with Pixels

    No dice, John.  I tried setting it to High Color, and no option came up.  Still stuck with 800x600 or 640x480.  This is really starting to make me mad.  Lemme try it with 256 colors... .............................. ...Still nothin'.  Next step: shut down and restart... -Philip.