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    Last thing you drank

    A red ale called "Gaelic Ale"
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    Fr. Boules George: A Message to Those Who Kill Us

    Being able to actually say this, not from the comfort of a chair in front of a computer, but after having actually suffered, is incredible. God grant him many years.
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    CT - Now Kazakhstan Christians Can Prove Their Faith Isn't Foreign

    Yeah, thought it was all ready known that the Assyrian Church had once made it to the Far East.
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    Estonian National Museum invites visitors to kick the Theotokos

    Lord, have mercy. ...Sadly, I can see adherents of my previous faith engaging in this behavior. Ugh.
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    Vatican: Jews don’t need Jesus to be saved

    Ugh...I got sick of that heresy amongst Southern Baptists, disgusting to see it make more ground. A twisted, warped love (i.e., sentimentality) for people who truthfully have been wronged. Ugh.
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    Mexico: kidnapped RCC priests found dead

    Lord, have mercy. Memory eternal.
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    Leaving fundamentalist thought

    No, still don't understand. : / Sorry. I caught that it was a moral decision thats affected your understanding. The only thing I can offer is that a moral decision is why I ultimately turned to Orthodoxy, and that it was taking (bad) advice that ultimately caused my own problem. Protestant...
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    Eucharist and the Essence/Energies

    IIRC, the essence is incomprehensible, no matter what. The essence of God is simply something that no created being can ever peer into.
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    Leaving fundamentalist thought

    I'd love to hear your full line of thought on this subject. I'm an ex-Baptist who agrees with the 3 parts said, but I can't see this particular connection. Don't feel compelled to if you're still uncertain about yourself spiritually.
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    Why specifically are people thinking that miracles plummeted with the rise of photography & scientific instruments? Is their actual history to back up this claim, or are they taking a priori cultural assumptions & wrestling with those? Jesus Himself did not work many miracles in His own town...
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    In retrospect the Orthodox Church change my life.

    Glory be to God! You are not the only one with such feelings about the Church.
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    The divorce process, when it is very contentious

    Such is the "land of the free & home of the brave." Lord, have mercy.
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    Man confessed to killing two nuns in Mississippi

    Lord, have mercy
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    At least 90 protesters killed in Ethiopia: residents, opposition

    Be glad. Evangelicals would tear the place apart if they believed the Ark was there.
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    Holy Protection Orthodox Church (HOCNA) loses tax exempt status

    ...This scares me. It's a slippery slope precedent and who knows where it'll lead.
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    North Korea 'feeding workers crystal meth' to speed up skyscraper project

    XD Nah, I think one guy just thought it'd be hilarious to mimic my post, and then it caught on. Good to see I've started a meme though. ...It is North Korea after all. >_>
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    North Korea 'feeding workers crystal meth' to speed up skyscraper project

    Maybe I don't know what I'm saying, but somehow, I'm not surprised if this is true. It's North Korea.