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    Pray for me to overcome my anxiety and depression

    Lord have mercy Angelo. God Bless!
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    Sola Scriptura?

    Thank you Gebre Menfes Kidus, This addresses many questions I have. D
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    Samosas Banned for Evoking the Holy Trinity

    The true insanity of Right Wing social Conservatism with an Islamic face. Truly sad :(
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    New Bible for Public Release, Changes Jesus 'Son of Man' to ‘the Human One’

    "the human one" ???? What does that even mean??? weird.
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    "Church of England clears way for gay, celibate bishops"

    Since you ask. Yes. In no other circles are gays discussed as much. In my life I don't hang with a bunch of people and discuss gay marriage. I even have an openly gay member of the extended family on facebook. He never posts anything about gay rights or marriage or whatever. I'm a married...
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    "Church of England clears way for gay, celibate bishops"

    So clergy should be completely free of sinful nature? Are even Saints that free of sin or the potential to sin?
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    "Church of England clears way for gay, celibate bishops"

    Awww man, seems the poor Gays can't cop a break either way. The more excuses and convoluted reasons that are engineered as to why all gays everywhere should have greater penalties than Straight people.... the more the whole thing is revealing itself as simply 'hatred' institutionalised...
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    "Church of England clears way for gay, celibate bishops"

    Exactly. When it comes to celibacy, one's 'temptations' are irrelevant aren't they? The celibate person is simply to abstain form sexual behaviour, whatever that is.
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    Discussion regarding the Orthodox view of owning personal property and wealth

    Orthoconvert, I think most of us have a similar conception of the Kingdom of Heaven, regardless of our differences in politics or culture... So I'm not sure what your conundrum is, or how to address it. Perhaps you could tell us what you think it all means, and then people can comment?
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    Assassin's Creed: Revelations

    Just not enough action for me.
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    Assassin's Creed: Revelations

    I have the first one as a cheap PC bargain Bin purchase. Meh, I couldn't get into it. It was too fiddly.
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    Refugee claimant refused for failing to describe Jesus ‘as a person’

    George, you are a legend mate. Thanks for all the work you do. cheers
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    Orthodox Christian Soldiers

    Well at least I struck a nerve with you, so much you had to insult me personally. ;)
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    Orthodox Christian Soldiers

    Obviously though, taking a life is not as bad as wanted to have a gay marriage right? The gay thing must be 1,000,000 times more worse sin. Because people aren't that fussed about the men, women & Children (Some Christian) killed in the wars. But if Adam & Steve over there want to live...
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    Orthodox Christian Soldiers

      ::)  ::)
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    Jesus' Return

    Has anyone seen Tony Abbott display compassion in any of his political activities? Even going back before he was leader?
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    Being a witness to your friends and minute rules of the law

    Hi William, a fellow gamer here. Just be a good example. If people ask, say that you don't do those things because you don't think it's right. Leave it up to them, to be inspired. Oh, and the amount of time and energy people put into being a Football supporter, I think it's very rich for...
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    Orthodox Christian Soldiers

    No evidence has been produced to say taxation is stealing, and also that the Lord Jesus has sanctioned said 'supposed' stealing. Rent unto Caesar that which is Caesar. It is not for me to provide a negation when no case as been made. Just a sinful declaration that somehow taxation is stealing...
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    Matthew 25 the story is about faith??

    Fox News says it's a pro-Capitalist passage, *rolls eyes* The first clue is that the passage is describing: The Kingdom of Heaven. So that is what it is about. God does not want us having mystery schools and keeping our faith secret, like some sort of money grubbing fearful person. God wants...