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  1. lovesupreme

    I left.

    I left the Eastern Orthodox Church a while ago. I became very transfixed on soteriology and ended up looking into Reformed traditions. I've been going to different churches on Sunday, but I haven't joined anywhere yet. I didn't want to leave and I miss my friends and my community, but I...
  2. lovesupreme

    Life confession before baptism

    Some of my Roman Catholic friends were scandalized when I told them that it is customary to hear a "life confession" of an adult prior to receiving them by baptism. They pointed out that baptism washes the participant of all sins, and that an adult would not need to confess any sins prior to...
  3. lovesupreme

    When are Orthodox priests permitted to have marital relations?

    When are Orthodox priests permitted to have marital relations? Would having relations on a Saturday night prevent an Orthodox priest from celebrating the Divine Liturgy? (A Catholic friend has asked me.)
  4. lovesupreme

    The burn out

    I was deeply involved in Orthodox Judaism for about two years. After my inevitable falling out of my Jewish faith, it took over a year of strong atheism and spiritual confusion to get me back into a religious life. Now, I've been Christian for a few months longer than the time when I was...
  5. lovesupreme

    Official stance on "lay" celibacy

    Is is true that in the Orthodox Church, there is no blessed path for someone who is celibate and not a monastic?
  6. lovesupreme

    My mother is interested in Orthodoxy

    It's been about two and a half years since my baptism and I made a resolution not to openly evangelize my friends and family. But despite mostly keeping my to myself, my mother has expressed a genuine interest in Orthodoxy. As some of you might know, I come from a Jewish background, from my...
  7. lovesupreme

    I present to you (perhaps again) OrthodoxAndGay.com

    http://www.orthodoxandgay.com/ What are we to make of something like this? While I believe that people who struggle with SSA should not be denied the tools of salvation by unmerciful clergy who automatically reject them as reprobate, I also believe that homosexuality is a serious sin that...
  8. lovesupreme

    How are things going for you?

    I'd like to know.
  9. lovesupreme

    Plans to attend a Syriac Orthodox Church next weekend

    Hello all, I am going to Glendale/Burbank next weekend and I am looking forward to visiting St Ephraim Syriac Orthodox Cathedral for services and for discussing my plans to learn Syriac. As much as I enjoyed my rather improvised visit to the Armenian Church last time, I'd like to be a little...
  10. lovesupreme

    Someone stopped me on the street today

    I remember as an atheist, I would avoid evangelicals like the plague. It was amazing how well this encounter went now that I can at least see eye to eye with the person on a lot of things. He opened the conversation with "hey, can I give you a card," which was for his local church. I explained...
  11. lovesupreme

    Uncontrollable urge to respond to humor with, "That was Metropolitan HILARION!"

    Even to non-Orthodox friends. Have I gone off the pun deep-end? :-\
  12. lovesupreme

    Starting a sacred music collection

    Hello, I'd like to start collection of sacred music recordings and I don't know where to start. There are a few lists of "essential recordings" out there on a web, but I'd like to hear from the OC.net community for recommendations. What I mean by sacred music is music used liturgically in a...
  13. lovesupreme

    Does the general public even know what Coptic Christianity is?

    Being that "Coptic" doesn't immediately suggest a country of origin, I wonder how many blank faces you guys see when you mention that you're "Coptic", "Coptic Christian", or "Coptic Orthodox." Even though I'm Antiochian, I still tell everyone I'm Greek Orthodox because most people have at least...
  14. lovesupreme

    Not a convert, just Orthodox.

    It's late, and I have thoughts. First off, I'm not upset at my fellow converts. I think it's great that they can relate to Orthodoxy in a unique way. We all should seek that personal connection to the Faith. However, I truly do not want to continue framing my faith journey as a "convert." By...
  15. lovesupreme

    Learning a language and teaching youth

    Brothers and sisters, Please pray for me as I take on leadership responsibilities in my church's high school youth group. Please also pray for my endeavors in learning Syriac, in the hopes that I may one day use it in service of the Church. Thank you.  :)
  16. lovesupreme

    Beginning to learn Syriac

    Hello, I work professionally as a writer and I would like to one day work in translation. I have asked around and it seems like Christian Syriac texts are in need of translation. I would like to one day aid in that effort, but first I need to learn the language. Are there any resources I can...
  17. lovesupreme

    First visit to an Armenian Church

    I was visiting friends out of town this weekend and noticed there was a Syriac Church near their apartment complex. While driving Sunday morning, I missed the Syriac Church, but I happened upon a large and quite beautiful Armenian Church that was built in the last few years. Despite not...
  18. lovesupreme

    Office religion rants

    Why is it that people who know I am Christian ask me "So do you believe in evolution?" Why, when I ask them why they care about my beliefs, do they tell me that I'm their "representative of that particular group" [i.e. their "token Christian"]? Why is it that people still think I'm still a...
  19. lovesupreme

    Stereotyping and other unfair assumptions

    I've noticed that Catholics and Orthodox can be, at times, very uncharitable to our Protestant brethren. Were one to take anti-Protestant apologetics seriously without exposure to Protestants, one would think them obstinate and self-serving simpletons who worship the Bible as the Absolute Truth...
  20. lovesupreme

    Answering Catholic apologists

    Below is a list of common denunciations that I've heard contemporary Catholic apologists fling at the Orthodox Church. Most of us have encountered these points before, but I'm curious about the succinct answers one could offer if presented with these. Feel free to address one or more; this is...