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  1. J

    For the fathers on Fathers' Day

    Lord have mercy
  2. J

    For Kelly

    Who is a parishoner at the local OCA parish and very likely to repose from COVID-19 complications in the near future.
  3. J

    for the USA

    Protests, riots, looting, curfews going on a bunch of places here.
  4. J

    For everyone killed, injured, or affected by the Downtown Durham explosion

    Lord have mercy! Memory eternal!
  5. J

    Coworker's family emergency

    Pray for her and her brother please!
  6. J

    New Translation of the Canon of the Akathist by Fr. Seraphim Dedes

    https://www.orthodoxartsjournal.org/a-new-translation-of-the-canon-of-the-akathist-by-fr-seraphim-dedes/ I think it came out maybe a bit too late to actually use this year, but there are some interesting concepts in the new revision. I'm a bit unsure explicitly pointing out everything that...
  7. J

    For Andi

    For a health issue.
  8. J

    For discernment

    Having second thoughts about what parish I should be in, please pray my choice is pleasing to God and not just based on my own will.
  9. J

    For Fr. Paul's swift recovery from knee replacement

    Fr. Paul is my parish priest.
  10. J

    SQLite project adopts Rule of St. Benedict as Code of Conduct!

    Recently open-source projects have decided to adopt codes of conduct to try to make sure no developer gets offended. SQLite (database software) found this a worthy goal but realized a superior one already existed. Behold: https://www.sqlite.org/codeofconduct.html
  11. J

    For those in the path of Hurricane Michael

    Including my kids and their mom and her family. Lord have mercy!
  12. J

    For Fr. Basil Hutsko

    After the attack he remains in the hospital and has had some kind of mental breakdown (they are saying) so even family can't visit. That's all I know. Lord have mercy! :'(
  13. J

    Byzantine Catholic priest attacked after Liturgy

    Sadly but perhaps predictably, the violence against clergy has begun: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/deaconsbench/2018/08/assailant-attacks-byzantine-priest-shouting-this-is-for-all-the-kids/ Fr. Basil Hutsko is also a relative of mine so this is even tougher.
  14. J

    For Dwight, Rebecca and Adrianna

    Dwight is our maintenance man at our parish. He and his wife Rebecca and daughter Adrianna were in a bad auto accident last Sunday. Dwight and Rebecca need surgery and will be in the hospital for some time, while Adrianna is recovering at home.
  15. J

    For the reposed Hegumen Fr. Gabriel and his parish

    Fr. Gabriel, rector of the local(ish) ROCOR parish, unexpectedly reposed in his sleep this past week. Pray for forgiveness of his sins and comfort and strength for his parish.
  16. J

    Because of bad things at work

    Will, a manufacturer rep got pneumonia, and Warren, a coworker, tripped over a monitor.
  17. J

    Archimandrite Nathanael Symeonides to be Metropolitan of Chicago

    https://www.goarch.org/-/archimandrite-nathanael-symeonides-elected-metropolitan-of-chicago Ordination and enthronement info: https://www.goarch.org/-/ordination-and-enthronement-dates-for-metropolitan-elect-nathanael-of-chicago-announced
  18. J

    For Carter, a distant cousin of mine

    He is in the hospital with complications of meningitis.
  19. J

    "Mere Protestantism", or A Reforming Catholic Confession

    For the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, a group of various Protestant theologians put out something that is meant to say what a Protestant is today: http://reformingcatholicconfession.com/ I assume it's a descriptive, not normative statement, being not in the Bible itself. Of course I...
  20. J

    Living Dead director George A. Romero dies at 77

    The man basically invented zombies as we know them today, in the "Living Dead" movies. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-40627029