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  1. J

    Random Postings

    not amused with you.
  2. J

    Random Postings

    NOOKs from Barnes & Noble still exist, which comes as a surprise to me since I thought I read they were discontinued.
  3. J

    Random Postings

    ow. I have bees guarding some of my outdoor junk.
  4. J

    For the fathers on Fathers' Day

    Lord have mercy
  5. J

    Word of the day

    I tried to yell that at someone once during inside recess as a kid and a different f word came out instead  :-\  :-[ :laugh:
  6. J

    Coronavirus and the beginning of the tribulation

    Well I have 4 chances to get to my (current) parish before I leave town now, so it's slightly less apocalyptic than advertised.
  7. J

    Thanking God for His kindness

    Glory to God!
  8. J

    Strange icons

    I think I've seen Western versions of cherubim that are exactly this: childrens' heads with wings but no bodies. Usually they're just babies with wings, though.
  9. J

    For Kelly

    Progress is "very modest" but continues.
  10. J

    Prayers for Brazil (Brasil)

    Lord have mercy!
  11. J

    For Kelly

    She is actually improving a bit! Continued prayers would be appreciated  :)
  12. J

    For Kelly

    Who is a parishoner at the local OCA parish and very likely to repose from COVID-19 complications in the near future.
  13. J

    Picture of the Day

    Wait... "SAMPLE TEXT"????
  14. J

    What is everyone reading?

    Sorry Fr. I never finished the 300 Chapters. (back to that then, I think I was on #50 or I might as well start from #1) The Jesus Prayer was quite prominent in the Nouwen book, though.
  15. J

    Random Postings

    My parish put out a 13-minute video on how to go to church when your name comes up on the alphabetical list.
  16. J

    Random Postings

    Finally got a decent take (my voice will never be "good" so decent is the best we can hope for) and submitted it.
  17. J

    Random Postings

    The piece is NOT going well  :( Some people should be let in to the parish next week. I'm pretty sure I'm last on the list for an invite though.
  18. J

    Random Postings

    I have three (3) recorded tracks for the next virtual choir thingy. Two tenors and two basses were required and I decided to make sure the two tenors and the higher bass part were taken care of. Still have one for a different piece to go.