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  1. TheCultureWarrior

    Please pray for me

    Please pray for me, for a personal struggle I am going through. I'll take Jesus prayers, Akathists, Rosaries, or whatever you got. You can even pray for my conversion, (but know that my prayer is for non-canonical conversion.)
  2. TheCultureWarrior

    numbering of ten commandments

    how does the numbering of the ten commandments differ in Orthodox and Catholic traditions? Catholics as many of you know, number what the prots call the first and second commandments as the first. We have this Tradition from St. Augustine.
  3. TheCultureWarrior

    Deposit of Faith

    Please help me understand if I have characterized this accurately... EOx and OOx believe that the faith once delivered was delivered in its final form. What was said was final. Catholics believe that, while dogmas do not evolve, what can be demonstrated by reason to belong to the deposit of...
  4. TheCultureWarrior

    to Br. Max

    I really hope this doesn't sound judgemental, because I am just curious. When I am surfing the net, posting on forums, etc., it is usually when I should be working. (Like now, for example.) I noticed you spend a lot of time online, and I have a hard time reconciling that with my image of the...
  5. TheCultureWarrior

    Please pray for my friend Lily.

    My friend Lily is going through a tough time and she has always been a sad one. I think she is about to hear Jesus call her. She is attending bible study classes at an evangelical church, which makes me glad, because she had once been reading and identifying with atheist writers. Pray for her!
  6. TheCultureWarrior

    Orthodox devotionalism?

    How do you as EO's and OO's start your morning? How do you end your day? I often pray some sort of divine office, after praying various devotional prayers, for example, consecrating myself to Mary, the Morning Offering, etc. I often visit the Sacrament and on occasion pray the Rosary at the...
  7. TheCultureWarrior

    JPII's Theology of the Body

    Is anybody here familiar with the Holy Father's Theology of the Body, especially his theology on gender and roles? I'm not terribly familiar with this area, but I like what I have read. I would be interested in knowing what the EO's and OO's think.
  8. TheCultureWarrior

    the Early Fathers

    Do EOx and OOx look to the Early Fathers as a source of dogma? Are certain Fathers given more credence than others? I would say the RC Church looks to the Early Fathers for dogma, with the understanding that they are not an infallible source of dogma...the Church interprets the Fathers to...
  9. TheCultureWarrior

    Christian Role Models

    Hello, I noticed that a lot of you have had some kind of dark period of unbelief, as I have. I wonder, who were your role models? Who first told you about prayer? All of my grandparents were Catholic, and they helped put a good impression of the Faith on me. Also, I had an aunt and uncle who...
  10. TheCultureWarrior

    GOA youth camp hit by mudslides

    http://apnews.myway.com/article/20031226/D7VM37EG0.html Last I heard, there were two dead. Pie Jesu, dona eis requiem!
  11. TheCultureWarrior


    I read Solzhenitzyn's Harvard Commencement speech and I loved it. Can anybody recommend which of his books would be best to start with? (BTW I prefer light reading. I can make my way through a First Things article if it's interesting, but my ADD usually gets the best of me. :( )
  12. TheCultureWarrior

    Best website ever!

  13. TheCultureWarrior

    Christmas plans?

    When is Christmas celebrated in the Orthodox Church? What are some of the foods you will be eating? Are any of you traveling? Me, my brother is coming down, and he's cooking a large medium-rare herbed up and hot and delicious, mouth watering roast. Wish you could come! :)
  14. TheCultureWarrior

    How do I change my name?

    Earlier I changed my name to the Caffeinator, but I can't seem to remember how to do it!
  15. TheCultureWarrior

    Artificial Birth Control

    Which Eastern Orthodox Churches forbid artificial birth control, and which don't? What about Oriental Orthodox Churches?
  16. TheCultureWarrior

    Career advice wanted

    Hello friends, I've been going to undergraduate classes part time since the late nineties, and it looks like I'm finally going to jump through the hoop. In august. UGH. But soon I'll be looking for a grad. school. I'm thinking I would like to either study theology, or medieval history. A...
  17. TheCultureWarrior

    Immersion vs. Infusion

    I just wanted to get the discussion started on what you all think is the nature of the difference between Orthodox and Catholics regarding baptisms by immersion and by infusion. Personally, I have yet to form an opinion, but I think it shows that Catholics are less stodgy about form. If it's...
  18. TheCultureWarrior

    Vernacular vs. traditional

    Just to get an idea of where we're all coming from. :)
  19. TheCultureWarrior

    Liturgical Language vs. vernacular

    I guess I'm one of the Latin mass people Br. Max mentioned in the Patriarch of _________ thread. I prefer the mass in Latin because: 1. The translating committees have mucked up the translation. 2. Latin has had such a profound impact on the English language, that Latin cognates sound...
  20. TheCultureWarrior

    Converts to any form of Christianity from atheism?

    I hope I got enough options in. I converted to RC'ism, but had no religious upbringing, and was once passionately opposed to organized religion. Anybody else here? Edited to change icon to avoid moderator (i.e. my) confusion.  --EofK