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  1. vamrat

    Candle-Lighting Tapers

    At church we have a taper holder.  It has this sliding lever that holds a small taper in the tube or barrel and you can extend it as it burns.  Have no idea what you call this thing but I am looking for more tapers to fill it with and would prefer to order from an Orthodox source.  I have...
  2. vamrat

    Valentine's Day

    As is my usual fashion...a day late and a dollar short...here's my Valentine to all the beautiful ladies of OC.net
  3. vamrat

    prayer for friend's cousin

    Please say a prayer if you have the time for the soul of the handmaiden of God Intan.  I don't know all the facts, but she was in a coma and now is dead.  She was 23 years old.
  4. vamrat

    prayer request

    I could use some prayers.  I've read through some of the other requests on here and mine is exceptionally minor in comparison, and really don't want to go into detail.  Just stressing out about something that is mostly out of my control, or what is my control could be easily dealt with but I...
  5. vamrat

    Hierarchical Liturgy

    Does anyone have any experience of serving in the altar with a Bishop?  Or any sources, tips, etc?  I will be doing this for the first time on Sunday (and the preceding Vespers on Saturday night) and am a bit nervous! I will be getting a crash course on Thursday, but would like to know...
  6. vamrat

    Friend's Father

    A friend's father who I have known for over a decade had a pretty bad stroke yesterday.  It sounds unlikely that he will make it through it.  Everything is in the Lord's hands as always but if anyone would spare the time to pray for him and ask the Lord and the blessed Theotokos, and all the...
  7. vamrat


    http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/man-gives-up-everything-walks-across-u.s.-making-reparation-for-sins-of-abo God be with this man.
  8. vamrat

    Let's talk some Bowie (not the knife)

  9. vamrat

    5th of November

    Happy blowing up Parliament Day!
  10. vamrat

    Friend with Medical Problems

    A good friend of mine, Erin, has had diabetes since she was really young.  Today she is in the hospital, she has had eye problems for the last couple weeks and today she lost sight in her left eye.  If that wasn't bad enough, she is having her recurring kidney problems acting up as well.  Please...
  11. vamrat

    Origin of Life

  12. vamrat


    The disciples James and John were the sons of Zebedee. I had read in some places that their mother was Salome.  I have also heard that she was either the sister of the Theotokos or the daughter of St. Joseph. In either case, would that not make James and John some relation Christ's?
  13. vamrat

    Vamrat's and Achronos's Dating and Relationship Disasters Thread

    If your dating life has only been marginally more successful than that time you accidentally shot yourself in the foot, share your stories here. Achronos, would you like to start us off with your engagement disaster?
  14. vamrat

    Pray for Me

    If you all wouldn't mind, could you keep me in your prayers?  I am having some problems right now and would appreciate any divine help I could get.  I don't really want to go into too much detail since I feel it is kind of a pathetic matter, but a few of you that I know in real life or talk to...
  15. vamrat

    Help with word

    I don't know if this is something that should be posted in the foreign languages section or not, there is a note not to post in the slavic languages section until the coding issue gets dealt with.  So I will post it here and if it needs to be moved then sorry for putting it in the wrong spot...