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  1. JessicaH

    Antiochian vs Greek

    I attend my Greek Orthodox Church on Sunday's but they do not offer any weekday services/bible study/etc.  I would really like to go mid-week or something.  The Antiochian Church does.  What is the difference?  The church I attend now is 90% English. Also, they are in communion with one another...
  2. JessicaH

    Username and Political Forum

    Please help me with these two.  I have already contacted Fr. George
  3. JessicaH


    Can I change my user name?
  4. JessicaH

    Recipe Forum

    We should have a recipe forum for posting Fasting Recipes or links?
  5. JessicaH

    Speaking to the Priest

    *Not the whole story but mostly without giving too much private information* I am a fairly new member of Orthodoxy.  There has been many challenges/distraction that made the experience awkward.  Basically, I went to a Greek Orthodox Church about an hour away and attended several liturgies and...
  6. JessicaH


    I am in a really tough spot right now and need some clarity.  Please pray that the Lord gives me strength, direction and relieves some of my anxiety.  Thank you.
  7. JessicaH

    Translate from Greek?

    I acquired this a few months ago off of eBay.  It is hand painted and the seller stated it was purchased from an antique dealer in Brussels, Belgium.  While cleaning one day, I guess I cleaned too much and there was writing on the bottom right corner under the original paint layer.  Can someone...
  8. JessicaH

    Icon Veneration

    Hello! I was baptized in October 2015 Greek Orthodox.  I understand the reason we venerate icons but is it necessary to venerate them each time we pass?  At home I have several icons but I don't venerate them unless I am praying. Is this wrong?  Are we supposed to venerate each time we pass?  A...