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    Can I, a Melkite, receive communion at an Antiochian Orthodox church

    Seriously the answer is no. I see no reason why this thread is 8 pages long. There isn't any argument because the church is clear on this. If you want to argue about what Mel kites are start another thread.  Username section moderator.
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    Catholic Church Music

    I suffered hagen hymns for 27 years of my life.
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    To Vima - Holy Synod decides “the Roman Catholic Church is not a Church”

    Vatican 2 decided that outside of a few churches, the oo and eo for instance, that other churches should be called ecclesiastical bodies. So what's wrong with our patriarchs deciding on a perfectly valid teaching of our church? Nothing.
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    Liturgical abuse celebrated by pope Francis

    A lot. I've seen oodles.
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    Liturgical abuse celebrated by pope Francis

    not quite sure what this has to do with orthodox-Catholic discussion. Unless someone can prove it I will move it -username! moderator
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    The Catholic Route to Birth Control

    have catholics really fundamentally make the church secular? ignoring teachings openly of rome? everyone does, just not to the degree many catholics I know do. it's the church and home connection between ethnic time honored traditions do that link people to church. wipe that clean and you have...
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    Sorry for my sporadic moderation

    I hope all of you can forgive me for not always being here, life, sometimes needs attention and I wasn't able to be the best mod. well, I'm back and will be here for you.
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    What would an Orthodox Roman Church look like?

    I've seen a benedictine monk say high mass. I don't know the difference other than he wears his hood instead of a birreta (sp)
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    How is Toll houses not considered doctrine Development ?

    Toll houses only exist as cookies.
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    Purgatory vs Toll Houses

    just a reminder that Irish Hermit has not posted at oc.net for at least 3 years. Let's not start a race debate over a 3+year old post from a poster who doesn't post anymore -username! Section mod
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    Holy Hangover

    I fell asleep for 45 minutes maybe. Attribute that to be I got under the weather.
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    Biopsy on Friday to rule out Esophageal Cancer.

    Lord have mercy
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    Holy Hangover

    I went to matins and liturgy today. I am even still a little sick. I got up early too. I have no nap in my future. I went for the last 10 minutes of matins and of course the entire liturgy.
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    Catechumen-soon to be Orthodox, asking important question

    I guess it doesn't matter what we think about the correct reception of converts because ultimately the bishop decides. No sense debating the history and practices.  It'll only confuse the op and his bishop already told him how he is to be received.
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    Catechumen-soon to be Orthodox, asking important question

    So you've been told by an elder that elders are on their own level of authority.  Talk about an elder grandstanding one's self and others considered elders. Just because someone says something it's not true. Would a humble man of God make a statement of such grandeur that I would believe...
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    Catechumen-soon to be Orthodox, asking important question

    The creed doesn't say one Chrismation for the remission of sin... Anyone can baptize in the name of the trinity, mostly applied to emergency baptisms. Hence probably why we accept trinitarian baptisms done by heterodox.
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    Catechumen-soon to be Orthodox, asking important question

    The reason you get an annulment is because in the RCC the coupled performs the sacrament.  That's why a priest or deacon can witness the marriage. You can't say a sacrament is invalid because of the receiver or priest. The name eludes me but this is a condemned heresy in both Orthodox and RCC.