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  1. Svartzorn

    Saint of the day thread

    A relevant aspect of the orthodox faith has always been the lecture of and the meditations upon hagiography. I used to follow an orthodox calendar and read the lives of the saints on a daily basis, a habit I have miserably let slip from my routine. Since I want to pick up this habit once more, I...
  2. Svartzorn

    Is the "Holy Family" Icon heretical?

    I was considering buying this icon for my home, so I decided to do some research on it. Came across this text: http://www.johnsanidopoulos.com/2015/12/the-heretical-icon-of-holy-family.html Which concludes that the icon is heretic and a "innovation of papism". Does this proceed?
  3. Svartzorn

    Secret Santa pays off $46K in layaway at PA Walmart

    (...) When Ryan Kennedy, Walmart store manager in Everett, Pennsylvania, answered a phone call from an anonymous "Santa B" last week, he didn't expect anything out of the ordinary. He especially did not anticipate Santa B offering to pay off the entire cost of his store's layaway items. "It was...
  4. Svartzorn

    Trump names Orthodox Christian as White House Chief of Staff

    More importantly, the soon-to-be chief of staff is an Orthodox Christian, and through his efforts with fellow Orthodox Republicans, the need for defending religious freedom in places of high risk for Orthodox Christians was added to the Republic Party platform, according to the Greek...
  5. Svartzorn

    Who sins?

    I have read somewhere that our bodies do not sin, they only function as a vehicle for our fallen souls, which produce sin in the first place. Is this correct? Sin happens in the body or just in the soul?
  6. Svartzorn

    Prayers for the Environment in the Divine Liturgy?

    I recently got an encyclical from the Metropolitan which reads the following: (...) on September the 4th, before concluding the Divine Liturgy, they must (the priests under this jurisdiction) recite a prayer for the Environment which comes with the present letter and read the messgae from His...
  7. Svartzorn

    Fiancée wants to take child to protestant church

    So I opened a topic here a couple months ago asking if I should marry my current girlfriend. Turns out we are to be married hopefully at the end of this year, after I sort out some issues with my family name. It's been a couple weeks now, she's speaking of going to this protestant church and of...
  8. Svartzorn

    What to do when you can't stand determinate people?

    Let's say there's a person or a determinate group of people you can't stand. What would be the best attitude towards them? Personally I tend to isolate and distance myself as far as I can from the people I dislike (since it would prevent me from engaging in contact and, thus, some sort of...
  9. Svartzorn

    Should I marry this woman?

    I'll try as much as I can not to make this into some kind of rant. I'm posting this in Faith Issues since this is a matter of faith for me. If necessary, move the topic. I've been living with this girl in a sinful fashion (I'm trying, really, even though sometimes I really distance myself from...
  10. Svartzorn

    Heterodox images

    Is it licit for us to venerate images made by heterodox (for example, catholic sculpture or coptic icons?) I know there's a rule that forbids prayer with the heterodox, but if we visit their temple in a given situation, is it permissible to venerate the local images in particular prayer?