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    For the repose of the soul of the handmaid of God Rosalind

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of the handmaid of God Rosalind who passed away suddenly last night, and for her children Julian and Grace, that they may find comfort and peace in the hope of the Resurrection
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    New Skete, St. Sophia Cathedral, and Loretta Young

    LBK just loathes all things related to New Skete :P
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    Keeping Kosher and other Jewish practices

    Glory to Jesus Christ! I have a friend at work who is currently in the process of becoming an Orthodox Jew. He was raised baptist and later in life became affiliated with the IHOP(International House of Prayer) movement, from there he became involved with Messianic Judaism. He has stated to me...
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    Losing Faith

    Please keep me in your prayers as I am having a crisis of faith and am feeling very far from God.
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    for my father

    Glory to Jesus Christ! If you would, please pray for my father David who is having his 52nd surgery tomorrow, everyone is worried that he may not make it, and to be honest it wouldn't be a bad thing if he fell asleep because then he wouldn't be in pain anymore, so please pray that the Lord...
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    Prayers please

    Please pray for me it looks as if I'm at a major crossroads in life and I'm facing some major temptations and challenges...please pray for me that I may make the right decision and do the right thing a sinner Seraphim
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    O heavenly king

    Christ is Risen! I know we stop singing "Christ is Risen" with  the leavetaking of Pascha but what do we sing in place of the O Heavenly King between Ascension and Pentecost?
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    Father Confessor

    Christ is Risen! I was Chrismated in December and ever since my first confession I've gone to our pastor for confession and spiritual advice. I've never really asked him to be my spiritual Father but it seemed that since he would be Chrismating me  I should make my first confession to him...
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    For Finals

    Christ is Risen! Please pray for me as I take my final exams that I'm successful. Seraphim (David)
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    Please Pray for Archimendrite Matthias

    Christ is Risen! Please pray for Archimendrite Matthias(Moriak) the Bishop-elect of the diocese of the Midwest who will be consecrated a Bishop and enthoned in Chicago this weekend that the Lord will guide him and give him the wisdom and strength needed to guide Christ's flock
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    Christ is Risen! I was wondering what you would do regarding the troparion during compline during the paschal season would you chant the daily troparion and then the paschal troparion or vice versa or just one or the other In Christ Seraphim
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    The Holy Light

    Glory to Jesus Christ! I was just wondering what everybody here believed about the Holy light in Jerusalem on Pascha.
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    venerating saints

    Glory to Jesus Christ! Would it be okay to venerate a Saint a Martyr from the 2-3 century who as far as I can tell is not officially venerated in the Orthodox Church?
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    Holy Water

    Glory to Jesus Christ! At Theophany I only took two small bottles of Holy Water and I am beginning to run low. If I were to mix some of the remaining  Holy Water with un- blessed water would that water then be Holy Water? Sorry if this has been asked before or sounds legalistic(sometimes the...
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    Orthodox Prayers of old England

    Glory to Jesus Christ! Does anybody use or own a copy of the Orthodox prayers of old England prayer book. I was thinking about ordering one and I just wanted to know what people think about it. Or if you are of the Western rite what prayerbook you use. Have a Blessed fast, Seraphim(David)
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    Met. Herman

    Glory to Jesus Christ! I just read the Met. Herman was banned from religious practice at St. Tikhon's monastery. What does this mean? is he excommunicated? I don't want to stir up any debate, Just curious. In Christ, David
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    Vigil Lamp

    Glory to Jesus Christ! In my Parish during great lent we burn a vigil lamp before the tabernacle containing the lamb for the presanctifed but we don't burn one in front of the tabernacle for the rest of the year is anyone else Familiar with this tradition? should there be a lamp burning in...
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    Transporting the Eucharist

    Glory to Jesus Christ! Just out of curiosity how would a priest or deacon communing the sick transport the Holy Gifts?
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    For my Dad

    Please pray for my dad he's been sick for years and his health is declining. If you would pray that he makes his pease with God. And that the Lord in His mercy relieves his suffering Thank you, David Seraphim
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    For the March for life

    Please  pray for the success of the march for life taking place on the 24th, for the marchers and all those affected by the horrible Roe V Wade verdict.