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  1. quietmorning

    Festal Icon Care and Placement

    Moderator, please move if necessary, I'm very unsure of where to place this post. This past Pascha I purchased the Holy Icon Christ the Bridegroom.  It is blessed.  I purchased it to place in the center of my Icon Corner altar during the Paschal Season.  I would like to (God willing) purchase...
  2. quietmorning

    HI!!! **waves**

    Things are beginning to actually find a routine even with all the house repair that's going on.  Thought I'd peak in and actually say 'hello' for a change! Hope everyone is doing well!  :)
  3. quietmorning

    Wormwood by Justin Minor??

    Has anyone read Wormwood by Justin Minor? I'm reading it with my youngest son - and I can't find anything written on this guy or his world view. Any info would be much appreciated.  If you would like to know why I ask, please feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  4. quietmorning

    Prayer Request for the Peaceful Repose of Fr. Eugene Schellberg

    My "Uncle Gene" is expected to live less than two weeks.  He has aspiration pneumonia and is not eating or drinking.  He is my father's oldest brother and my absolute favorite uncle.  He's a lot like my dad only 50% more humor and a little less wisdom. (With a wink, no less.)  He, along with my...
  5. quietmorning

    Buggies are running amok.

    Several weeks ago I was thanking Him for little gnats.  They are so tiny and so amazing. . . and I love ants. . .and bees. . . . and grasshoppers and crickets. . .and praying mantises. . . but I draw the line on the blood sucking critters.  I can pray for the grace to love them too.. .but I'm so...
  6. quietmorning

    Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant

    A paralysed man has been able to walk again after a pioneering therapy that involved transplanting cells from his nasal cavity into his spinal cord. Darek Fidyka, who was paralyzed from the chest down in a knife attack in 2010, can now walk using a frame. The treatment, a world first, was...
  7. quietmorning

    German Wonderland - A share from a good friend :)

    A very good friend of mine from church sends my husband and I well chosen funny or interesting pictures or clips as part of what he can do to help others in lifting their spirits and sharing a smile.  My friend and his wife are beautiful people.  This last year he lost both of his legs from the...
  8. quietmorning

    The NOTHING Box

    Better than Men are from Mars. . . https://www.youtube.com/embed/ulP6f9zXtTs?rel=0
  9. quietmorning

    Fasting in the Time of Personal Need

    Is it permitted to fast and pray for a cause for a period of time?  (Some one in ICU in the hosp, for example).
  10. quietmorning

    Things go better with prayer -

    Today was the first time in nearly a year that I've been able to get back to some hint of my prayer rule. . . and for the first time in ages, my soul feels the warmth and love of the Holy Spirit in His comfort.  What do you notice as being better when you are able to pray consistently?
  11. quietmorning

    Vespers and Great Vespers prayer services online.

    I am looking for the Vesper and Great Vesper prayer service that can be prayed when the priest is absent.  If any one could provide a link or knows of a prayer book that contains these services that I might purchase, I would be in your debt.  I am looking for the written word, not recordings...
  12. quietmorning

    Starting to write again after seven years. . .

    When my husband and I were first married we got into a huge war over whether I would write or not.  He had no idea how much work  it was - and of course, the pay check doesn't come unless something sells.  So, I went to work (for a bi-weekly part time pay check) and dropped writing.   That was...
  13. quietmorning

    Just don't feel or think like myself.

    I think I'm beginning to buckle under all the stress.  Please pray for me. 
  14. quietmorning

    Seeing Neurons

    A Harvard chemist has received the Blavatnik Award for his work on technology to study neurodegenerative diseases. http://www.cnn.com/video/standard.html?/video/health/2014/09/15/sgmd-gupta-blavatnik-nervous-system.cnn&video_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com
  15. quietmorning

    Please pray for Phillip and Liz

    Phillip is homeless and a beautiful fool for Christ.  Liz is elderly, very poor and lonely.  Please pray for them - for His mercy and divine provision and protection. Thank you.  Lord Jesus, please have mercy on Your Phillip and Liz.
  16. quietmorning

    The Christian view of living wills - removing the feeding tube

    Please, I beg, do not go polictical on this one, I am not in the political prvate forum (I have put my request in.) - this is very important - and I can't follow it there. . .so please keep this on a perspective of Christian Faith and Christian Ethics.   Now - with that said.  My husband and I...
  17. quietmorning

    Favorite Orthodox Prayers - and why

    Moderator, if this needs to be moved, please feel free.  I hope this becomes a help for those who are struggling in or with prayer.   These prayers have helped me to define what true humility is and how to love my enemy.  Both humility and loving my enemies are a complete struggle for me.  Both...
  18. quietmorning

    Kollyva - what do the traditional ingredients represent or symbolize?

    Yesterday, I made Kollyva for my father's one year memorial.  My husband tried a bit of it, and asked me why it is made and eaten for memorials.  I could briefly explain the wheat, but past that, I am ignorant.  The recipe I have is a classic Greek recipe given to me by my sponser.  (Boiled...
  19. quietmorning

    My father, Peter, Reposed in the Lord one year ago today.

    My dad passed away one year ago today.  Please pray for his soul and for my mom and all of his children (5) and his grandchildren (12) who love him and miss him. May my dad's Memory be Eternal. Lord have mercy on those who remember him and love him. Lord, thank You for blessing me with a...
  20. quietmorning

    Nicholas of Myra the movie

    I remember seeing a preview for a movie in a theater a few years ago....did I miss it?  Did it ever release?  If not, was the project abandoned?  If it was released, any ideas of where to look for it?