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  1. vamrat

    Why did you choose your icon?

    I was reading up on the Napoleonic Wars when I last changed my avatar so figured why not have an icon of an admiral who fought in the wars and is a saint as well.
  2. vamrat

    Share your liturgical mishap stories here!

    If liturgical mishaps led to theosis, there’d have been a flaming chariot waiting for me a while ago.  I used to worry about slipping out and saying something vulgar after burning myself in novel and exciting ways.  Now I just glare at the censor and ask if that’s the best it’s got.
  3. vamrat

    What does everyone's online persona look like?

    Only in body shape and chin count.
  4. vamrat

    Is anyone interested in survival and the use of primitive tools?

    There are some pretty decent youtube videos on the Primitive Technology channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAL3JXZSzSm8AlZyD3nQdBA
  5. vamrat

    What is everyone reading?

    Just finished reading Silence of the Lambs.  I haven't seen the movie in years, but if I remember right, it follows the book pretty well - more like cuts than changing anything.  The book developed Buffalo Bill a bit better, I think.
  6. vamrat

    Are fantasy video games ok for Orthodox Christians?

    This is a serious question and requires a nuanced answer. What types of games are you playing?  If we are talking about Vermintide or Warhammer Total War you are cool. Anything else is forbidden, but its a moot point.  Why would you play other games anyway?
  7. vamrat

    Kathisma 18 at the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts- Sung or Read?

    I've always chanted it.  Not sure if this is correct, but my priest hasn't thrown a book at me for it yet.
  8. vamrat

    What TV shows are you watching?

    I think he made his point about organization and ruthlessness of the Saviors in the round up.  He also conspicuously pointed that he had a right hand man (who was absent in the gun-grab).  The reprisal would have been an atrocity, even if the Saviors died out thereafter.
  9. vamrat

    What TV shows are you watching?

    There is only one show on the tele.
  10. vamrat

    Should cursive handwriting still be taught to elementary school students?

    My handwriting is an atrocity whether cursive or printing.  I use a hybrid of cursive, Sutterlin, printing, and what some refer to as cuneiform.  When I took Russian in college the native-speakers said my printing was jarring to the eyes, so I switched to cursive again in 3rd year (in first...
  11. vamrat

    What video games are everyone playing lately?

    Finally got into Skyrim. 
  12. vamrat

    Christian support of the nation state of Israel

    Most of the answers would probably be political. The only religious answers I can think of are 1.) some people think that Israel returning as a political entity means that the Jews have returned to Israel (rather than returning to God) which will bring about the rapture and they can finally go...
  13. vamrat

    What is everyone reading?

    Tell that to Poland.  They've been dismembered and annexed so many times and they keep coming back.  Pretty much the zombie country.
  14. vamrat

    The best Dr. Who?

    The best doctor who is turning it off and switching to The Walking Dead.  Kind of liking Battle Star Galactica too.
  15. vamrat

    Happy birthday, Vamrat!

    Oh my.  I log in to see if there is anything trollworthy in politics and see this outpouring of love!  I am moved to tears.  My boss is looking at me questioningly.  I love you guys.  :-*
  16. vamrat

    A masculine conception: Women not required

    First, women don't need men to make babies.  Next we find that women aren't needed to make babies. My question is, when we put these together and have vat-born people will they have souls? 
  17. vamrat

    Does anybody on here ever get that sinking feeling? ...

    The only Catullus I remember is the one where he said if so and so took his boy, he'd run radishes and fish up him. Other than that, I always liked Martial's disses more.  "Your puppy like licking your face...unsurprising, as it like the taste of poo."  [paraphrased] And yes, I do get that...
  18. vamrat

    Happy Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos

    The Nativity of the Lord, Pascha (and thus Pentecost), and the Nativity of the Theotokos are all feasts where I will rigidly use the Old Calendar and nothing else. With the Nativity of the Blessed Theotokos, I'm not about to allow the Pope and his astrologers rob me of sharing a birthday with...
  19. vamrat

    Orthodox are the youngest Christian group in the US

    The future is ours.
  20. vamrat

    Relationship/dating question

    Yeah, they're called deep fried twinkies.  Get yourself a dozen and you'll be off to a good start.