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  1. Dan Lauffer


    St. Athanasios is my patron saint. Do you think he will be added to the collection of avatars? I can't remember how to import a picture. I have such an avatar on another forum I frequent. How does one bring that avatar here? Dan Lauffer Go easy on me. I'm an old goat upon whom the...
  2. Dan Lauffer

    Peter the Rock

    Can someone please tell me whatever is the excuse for continued division between East and West when this is an Orthodox liturgical text? http://www.holymyrrhbearers.com/liturgical_texts.htm Bookmark the site and specifically save this text if you wish. It changes daily. I don't get it...
  3. Dan Lauffer


    Friends, I've been trying to persuade some Protestant friends to become either Catholic or Orthodox. They seem hell bent on creating some independent non-denominational Church that would lead all Christians into a Spirit based union. Sound familiar? :P ::) Almost every Protestant group in...
  4. Dan Lauffer

    Islam: From Tradition to Terror

    Has anyone else read Stephen Schwartz, "The Two Faces of Islam; The House of Saud from Tradition to Terror"? I find it most informative and answers most of the questions I've struggle with trying to discern how much of Islam does seem to be a religion of peace while much of it seems to be a...
  5. Dan Lauffer


    Do you think missionaries to aid the indigenous Christians of Afghanistan and Iraq would be helpful? What is your opinion of the work of Bat Ye'or? See link: http://www.dhimmitude.org/index.php Dan Lauffer
  6. Dan Lauffer

    Population decline in Russia

    Friends, Do you think Orthodoxy will eventually have a positive effect upon the declining birth rate and the inclining death rate due to alcoholism. I.e., is Orthodoxy in Russia a strong enough influence in Russia to benefit the society? "Russia Suffers from a Terminal Health Crisis"...
  7. Dan Lauffer

    Most wonderful Pascha of my life!!

    Friends, I'm stunned by what the Holy Spirit is doing in our parish. Not only are we growing numerically but we are reclaiming our Orthodox heritage. This Holy Week and Pascha have brought a life long dream to fruition. My entire adult life has been a movement toward traditional apostolic...
  8. Dan Lauffer

    Of Tyrants, Oil, and Peace

    Friends, This may seem a strange topic for this forum. It may even be inappropriate. Then again it may be a very appropriate topic. Is there anyone unconcerned about the confluence of tyrants, oil, and peace? Does it have theological ramifications? I think the answers to these rhetorical...
  9. Dan Lauffer

    French seek to reclaim world power

    not since Napoleon... :o February 17, 2003 Fireworks ban in France France announced today that it plans to ban fireworks at Euro Disney, following last night's display that caused soldiers at a nearby French army garrison to surrender. Dan Lauffer :P
  10. Dan Lauffer

    Geopolitics are very confusing

    Friends, This is neither a Republican or a Democratic inquiry but I'm very confused about some things and perhaps you can help me gain some clarity. 1. I am still not convinced that the Gulf War was necessary. When we wanted to take out one man we instead killed countless thousands and left...
  11. Dan Lauffer

    Saudi Arabia or Iraq or...?

    I've wondered for sometime which Muslim countries are more responsible for terrorism in the world. Certainly, many of them have blood on their hands, but is Iraq really more responsible than Saudi Arabia? Perhaps someone on this forum has some insight concerning this issue. Dan Lauffer
  12. Dan Lauffer

    Do Romans and Orthodox wish Eastern Catholics didn't exist?

    Friends, Serge offered a great suggestion: "Why not post this question here?" So... I've been associated with the Byzantine Catholic Church, though in our case we are misnamed, though forum constraints will not allow me to suggest what we really are about. In any case, I've noticed that...
  13. Dan Lauffer

    Why do so many Orthodox Churches have pews and kneeler?

    Do the Orthodox in America have some deep seated desire to be just like Roman Catholics? Dan Lauffer ???
  14. Dan Lauffer

    If we are so Orthodox do we really need the Papacy?

    Friends, There is an excellent discussion of this topic going on now on the ByzCath.org forum. Check it out and let's talk. http://www.byzcath.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=2&t=001627#000014 Dan Lauffer