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    Sorry for my sporadic moderation

    I hope all of you can forgive me for not always being here, life, sometimes needs attention and I wasn't able to be the best mod. well, I'm back and will be here for you.
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    After almost 9 years here I bring you my 5000th post

    Yeah I need to up my posting efforts. 5000 took my 8 years and 11 months give or take a few days.
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    MOVED: Call to religious life strong for transgender Londoner (Ontario)

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    MOVED: Anglican Church from a Catholic perspective.

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    MOVED: Vicars of Christ.

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    For my 4900th post

    I say hi everyone.
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    Pope Paul 6 to be canonized

    Just saw an article link stating Pope Paul 6 Will Be Canonized This year.
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    Roman Catholics..is Jesus our brother and sister?

    Friend of mine had to attend a Roman Catholic function. The event was opened with a prayer that concluded. ."we ask through Jesus, who is our brother and sister amen." So when did Catholics start believing Jesus was both a male and a female at the same time?
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    Who increases their font size when posting?

    I often increase my font size from the default size of 10pt. This helps me read on my.mobile. does anyone else do this?
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    my 4500th post

    ;D :P yay! 4500 posts
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    if you are orthodox have you visited an eastern Catholic church?

    For the Orthodox, have you ever visited an eastern Catholic church? For what? What was your experience? Which church, ie, Ukrainian Greek Catholic?
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    MOVED: Banned from Catholic Answers Forum

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    So who has cats? I have three. A maine coon, tabby and a black cat.
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    Stink Bugs

    Is anyone else tired of these stink bugs? They fly around sounding like prop jet commuters and just get everywhere. 
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    pre and post vatican 2 different churches?

    The post vatican 2 church is not the same as the pre Vatican 2 church. It was completely revamped. Like a new operating system with the same platform. How do we adress that?
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    who plays the ukulele?

    I just got one. I play guitar too. Who else has/plays a.ukulele?
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    MOVED: ¿Why Ortodoxy was unable to resist Islam?

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    my 4,000th post

    I has taken almost 7 years but I finally hit 4,000 posts!
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    Prayers for me

    I need some prayers for me and my family.  Thank you !
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    MOVED: Boy Scouts reconsidering stance on gay members

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