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  1. Paisius

    Falling asleep of forum member

    Hello everyone, I see that there is a sticky on this, but I wanted to let everyone know that my beloved husband and soulmate, the user Paisius (birth name Joseph Daniel Davis), fell asleep in the Lord suddenly and unexpectedly back on July 18.  He spent 38 years on this Earth and I was blessed...
  2. Paisius

    I need your prayers please

    Lord have mercy
  3. Paisius

    Non-Greeks in the Greek Church?

    You'll be fine in the Greek parish. The first Orthodox church I ever visited was the local Greek parish and they couldn't have been more welcoming. In fact that first visit is a lot of the reason I'm Orthodox today. A nice lady saw me walking across the parking lot towards the church. When she...
  4. Paisius

    To Vima - Holy Synod decides “the Roman Catholic Church is not a Church”

    Make it "dirty disgusting heretics" and I'll approve it.
  5. Paisius

    Various Discussions about The Holy and Great Council of Crete 2016

    What exactly is so offensive?
  6. Paisius

    Communion & Confession

    I had an issue where I couldn't get to my parish for confession but I could take a bus to the Greek parish. My priest gave me a blessing to have confession with the Greek priest. It was a wonderful experience. At the end of the confession he told me to always remember that I am the son of the...
  7. Paisius

    Melkite Synod in 'rebellion'

    Somebody call USA cause you just got a "burn notice".......... 8)
  8. Paisius

    Family in trouble

    Lord have mercy.
  9. Paisius

    an important prayer please :)

    Lord have mercy.
  10. Paisius

    For baby's health

    Lord have mercy.
  11. Paisius

    Memory Eternal for Father William

    Memory eternal!
  12. Paisius

    For Rayan

    Lord have mercy.
  13. Paisius

    Prayers for Christina Grimmie

    Memory eternal!
  14. Paisius


    Lord have mercy.
  15. Paisius

    For stomach

    Lord have mercy.
  16. Paisius

    I need prayers for my new role in my Church

    Lord have mercy.
  17. Paisius

    Acne issue, a prayer please? :)

    Lord have mercy.
  18. Paisius

    Happy Pentecost; please pray for me

    Lord have mercy.
  19. Paisius

    Prayers for Rubén Aguirre, dead at 82

    Memory eternal!
  20. Paisius

    For a friend of a friend's mother

    Memory eternal!