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  1. quietmorning

    For my Grandfather

    Lord have mercy.
  2. quietmorning

    Festal Icon Care and Placement

    Moderator, please move if necessary, I'm very unsure of where to place this post. This past Pascha I purchased the Holy Icon Christ the Bridegroom.  It is blessed.  I purchased it to place in the center of my Icon Corner altar during the Paschal Season.  I would like to (God willing) purchase...
  3. quietmorning

    Would you wear this medal?

    Ok, thanks. That looks a little mixed celtic to me.  The Holy Spirit on the Front - the Trinity on the back with the symbol of St. Mary and the Apostles. I personally wouldn't wear it, because I simply don't care for it, but I have seen the symbol / emblem of Mary in the Orthodox Church as...
  4. quietmorning


    Lord, please have mercy on Your handmaiden, Kelly.  Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy
  5. quietmorning

    Would you wear this medal?

    Hamster, I'm a little confused - the link leads to the Miraculous medal of St. Mary - but it isn't anything as to what you describe.  I wore this as a teen and prayed the prayer on it often.  Is this the same medal you are describing?  The Holy Theotokos is on the front standing on the...
  6. quietmorning

    Tragedy unfolds in Dallas, TX

    Lord have mercy on this man's soul and his poor family. Thanks be to God no one else was hurt. 
  7. quietmorning


    Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy.
  8. quietmorning

    Unusual Iconostases

  9. quietmorning

    Pray for my Conversion

    Lord have mercy.
  10. quietmorning

    If God is good...

    After well over three years of intense trial, I can honestly say that God is BETTER than good.  In all things.  I can honestly also say that our definition of 'bad' is not His definition of 'bad'. .. or evil.  He told us to look at the fruit to decide whether a tree is good or bad.  If it has...
  11. quietmorning

    Designing An Icon/Prayer Corner

    I have two icon corners - one upstairs which was my first one - in my office.  The other is downstairs on a mantle. The mantle is on an east wall, the upstairs icon corner is on a North East wall.  I've found that Icon corners are organic and tend to take a life of their own and change...
  12. quietmorning

    Kodiak’s Holy Resurrection Cathedral vandalized

    Lord have mercy. +
  13. quietmorning

    HI!!! **waves**

    Only from Mina. . .lol. . . .:) And also with you.
  14. quietmorning

    HI!!! **waves**

    HAHAHAHA!! You all are awesome - grief, you've been missed!! I will post much more often (though one post is a 100% more than nada!) as things are beginning to finally find a routine.  That and my brain cells are no longer on overload stress mode! and...
  15. quietmorning

    HI!!! **waves**

    Mor, I'm going to come in as much as I can.  We still have wall paper to strip, foot boards to repair, floors to repair, walls to repair and ceilings to hang - so we're still very busy, but at least we aren't getting eaten alive any longer.  I will be here more during the week than the...
  16. quietmorning

    Is it Possible Our Lord Had Aspergers Syndrome?

    I haven't read all of the posts - so please forgive if I repeat something that's already been said. I don't think He was on the autistic spectrum.  I don't think the Bible is a good source to think that He may have been - as the punctuation and translation will always be a problem.  Our...
  17. quietmorning

    HI!!! **waves**

    Things are beginning to actually find a routine even with all the house repair that's going on.  Thought I'd peak in and actually say 'hello' for a change! Hope everyone is doing well!  :)