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  1. Daniel2:47

    Greek-English prayer book

    Hello everyone, Are you aware of a bilingual prayer book which uses traditional (Elizabethan-style) English as well as Greek please? I know that Fr Ephrem Lash produced one, but it uses modern English. I would be very interested in one that uses more traditional English than that. Thanks
  2. Daniel2:47

    Patriarch Kirill in Constantinople to discuss Ukraine

    His Holiness Patriarch Kirill met with His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew today at the Phanar in Istanbul to discuss various issues including the ongoing situation in Ukraine. Sources are stating that Pat. Bartholomew notified Pat. Kirill that he was going to press ahead with the granting of...
  3. Daniel2:47

    I became Orthodox this weekend

    Grateful to be able to say that I was received into the Church this weekend, via baptism. The baptism took place on Saturday in the sea, with another catechumen who had also been inquiring for a similar length of time (approx. 1 year) being baptised at the same time. I received my first...
  4. Daniel2:47

    Eastern Orthodox perspective on "Felix Culpa" - the 'happy fault' of the Fall

    What is the Orthodox perspective on Felix Culpa, the idea that the Fall had some redeemable or fortunate consequences? I was recently reminded of this when I cam across the Christmas carol Adam Lay Ybounden, whose words are: The carol contains the idea that the Theotokos would not have been...
  5. Daniel2:47

    Christians should pray for Prince George to be gay, says Anglican cleric

    https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/dec/01/christians-should-pray-from-prince-george-to-be-gay-says-c-of-e-minister The sad state of the Anglican church...
  6. Daniel2:47

    Dogs are smarter than cats, says study

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5131945/Dogs-really-smarter-cats-research-suggests.html Has the age-old debate been settled?
  7. Daniel2:47

    List of married Orthodox saints

    I am trying to find a list of saints who were married but am struggling. Therefore, I would like your input on building a list of married saints. These saints may have been married and then later entered a monastery, or martyrs, or especially those who lived non-monastic lives. If you can...
  8. Daniel2:47

    Desiring martyrdom

    I came across the story of Monk Martyr Damascene of the Lavra recently (feast day November 13th) who sought out martyrdom at the hands of the Ottomans in the 17th century: Discussing this with a Protestant friend, he didn't understand why a Christian would actively seek out martyrdom for...
  9. Daniel2:47

    Earliest reference to candles in Christian worship?

    I am interested in finding the earliest references to the use of candles/lights/lamps in Christian worship. According to Wikipedia, there are no references earlier than the third and fourth centuries, except a passing reference in Tertullian: "we do not shade our door-posts with laurels nor...
  10. Daniel2:47

    Athenagoras Award goes to pro-abortion NY Governor Cuomo

    As reports LifeSiteNews: According to the Archons website: However, recent awards might call these lofty standards into question, such as last year's holder, Vice President Biden.
  11. Daniel2:47

    St Isaac the Syrian - a Nestorian?

    Can someone explain why St Isaac the Syrian is recognised as a saint outside of the Church of the East which he was a bishop in? I can see from Wikipedia that he is recognised as a saint by EO, OO, Eastern Catholics and the Nestorian Church. Presumably his Nestorian beliefs (assuming he held...
  12. Daniel2:47

    Historical geographical confinement and lack of mission

    When I have periods of doubt in my exploration of Orthodoxy, I find myself coming back to the fact that Orthodoxy has historically been very geographically confined (from my perspective as an Englishman) to parts of the Mediterranean and later Eastern Europe and Russia. For the most part this...
  13. Daniel2:47

    God's judgment in the Old Testament - active or passive?

    I am reading through Numbers with my girlfriend at the moment and so I am reminded of God's wrath against sin and sinners which is found quite explicitly in the Old Testament. This is not to say that it is not present in the New Testament too, but we have more imagery of coming judgment in the...
  14. Daniel2:47

    Prayer for sprinkling of Holy Water in home

    Is there a prayer to use before one sprinkles blessed water in the house? Or do I just get the water out and start sprinkling it around without a set prayer?
  15. Daniel2:47

    Strigolniki - the first Russian Protestants?

    I was watching a "documentary" earlier about the history of Christianity amongst the Slavs and realised pretty quickly that it was the product of evangelicals in Russia - they spoke admirably of early Christians in Russia but then highlighted the increasing corruption of the medieval church in...
  16. Daniel2:47

    Trying to understand old calendar dates

    I live in the West - today is Saturday 4th June but on the Julian calendar it is 22nd May which is a Saturday. I know that a local Russian church are celebrating their liturgy today not tomorrow which sparked this thought. Are churches on the old calendar working one day of the week ahead of...
  17. Daniel2:47

    Pope issues new guidance to Catholics on family issues

    Pope Francis has issued a long-awaited 256 page document on family issues after 2 years of preparation and consultation within the Roman Catholic Church. The document argues for greater pastoral treatment of divorced and remarried Catholics and those cohabiting, but does not change the Catholic...
  18. Daniel2:47

    The future state of heaven/new earth

    Can someone explain what the Orthodox understanding of heaven is? I have read several websites that say that heaven is not a location but a state of being, or that the Kingdom of Heaven is not a place but a person (Christ Himself). This seems different from the Western view that Heaven (or the...
  19. Daniel2:47

    Priestly celibacy/continence for married clergy in the early church

    After reading a traditionalist Catholic article, I am left feeling confused. They have produced a long list of quotations from various church fathers, councils and canons from 2nd through 7th centuries the that appear to show that whilst there were married clergy in the early church, they were...
  20. Daniel2:47

    Someone who knows their Old Testament?

    Hi all, I am trying to find a passage which I believe is in the Old Testament, concerning blood sacrifice. I think the story may be in one of the histories. From my hazy recollection, a major figure (David? Samuel?) performs a vast number of sacrifices at one of the altars (I think this is...