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  1. Crucifer

    For my dog

    May this innocent creature be brought to healing!
  2. Crucifer

    Saints with sweet hats

  3. Crucifer

    Poll: For Married Members

    Have been together since '91, married since 2015.
  4. Crucifer

    lame jokes

    Yesterday I was in the grocery checkout line and I told the woman ahead of me she really should be wearing a mask in public. She started to gone about carbon dioxide poisoning, hoaxes, the deep state, constitutional rights etc. I told her I wasn't even thinking about Corona... it was because...
  5. Crucifer

    Strange icons

    in medieval imagery a parrot was a symbol for "the word made flesh" (because they could repeat human speech). 
  6. Crucifer

    A question

    If Passover fell on a Saturday (Shabbath) that would make it a high Sabbath. Also remember Passover lasts 7 days; the Sabbath that falls during that week is also a special Sabbath.
  7. Crucifer

    Repose of the soul of Ethelyn, who died this morning

    My mother-in-law, Ethelyn Thompson passed away this morning. Please pray for her three sons and a daughter who miss their mom badly.
  8. Crucifer

    What videos are you watching?

    A scene from Scrubs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK2vpOh5wws
  9. Crucifer

    Being layed off at the end of the month

    Prayers that this will lead to a new and exciting chapter in your life. And for a safe delivery of the new baby!
  10. Crucifer

    El noche before Christmas

  11. Crucifer

    What videos are you watching?

    PBS's new you tube series "Eons".
  12. Crucifer

    W.A.G.-word association game

  13. Crucifer

    W.A.G.-word association game

    down town
  14. Crucifer

    Declining Activity on OCNet?

    When I first joined OC.net, I would not only post but engage in IM discussions with other members. When was the last time anyone exchanged IM's? And chat rooms- even OC.net had it's own chat room for awhile.  I think the types of social media most people are using has changed and will continue...
  15. Crucifer


    He could of at least had the decency to wait until after the trial so he could testify against his co-conspirators. Now most of them won't have to answer for what they did.
  16. Crucifer

    What is your "Total Time Logged In" to OC.net?

    79 days, 3 hours and 21 minutes. 3047 posts.
  17. Crucifer

    Looking for Material on the History of the Protestant Reformation

    Let me google that for you: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=History+of+the+Protestant+Reformation
  18. Crucifer

    What videos are you watching?

    That song was face palm mareial. What's it called..."Jesus is my boyfriend"?
  19. Crucifer

    Explain the Psychiatric Meds

    Yes. and when someone's mind is out control that is a good thing. I recently saw a pt. whose mind constantly told her to burn herself with cigarettes. Medication helped control her mind to where she didn't have those thoughts anymore. I think that was a good thing.
  20. Crucifer

    Newborn Nephew fever NICU

    May G-D guide the doctors and nurses caring for him and comfort his parents.