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    Originally posted on this thread:  Orthodox Denominationalism?  -PtA <the rule of one bishop per city is the canonical norm, which makes the situation of parallel jurisdictions in North America a violation of Holy Tradition.>  Now this I agree with but if the local bishop, say of Denver...
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    Midnight Vigil for 911 victims

    At the Church of the Holy Protection of the Theotokos in Seattle, there will be a midnight vigil for victoms of 911 and for all innocent victims who has suffered a violent death.  The service begins on Sunday 10th Sept with Matins at 11.30 pm followed by the Divine Liturgy - ending around 1.30...
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    Are bogus clergy coming your way?

    With the pending union between ROCOR and MP, I suspect that there will be a migration  of clergy to and fro.  At the same time, I fear that some bogus clergy ranging from pseudo-readers to bishops will see this as an opportunity to get 'official' and/or canonical status.  It seems all too easy...
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    AOC - what is it?

    Forgive me if this has been covered before but what is this AOC?  Is it vagantes or does it have some connections with any canonical church? I see they award doctorates in theology.