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    New Cancer Research

    I have seen a number of threads about cancer lately, so I thought I'd pass on this new interview from Popular Mechanics:  14 New Questions for Cancer Research Maverick Zheng Cui.  There have been many false dawns for cancer, but this research looks very interesting.  I like the doctor's...
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    Prostopinije on CD?

    Can anyone recommend any CDs of Carpatho-Rusyn Prostopinije, either in English or Slavonic?  I'm mostly looking for CDs, but if anyone can point me to any free online sources, that would be great too. :)
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    Orthodox Graduate Studies

    Does anyone here have any experience with attending a seminary for the purpose of graduate study?  In other words, without the intention of entering the priesthood?  I know that Holy Cross and St. Vladimir's both offer programs along those lines....are there any other seminaries or...
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    Mind-body dualism and Orthodoxy?

    Lately I've been reading a book by Frank Tipler, a physicist from Tulane, entitled "The Physics of Christianity".  It's one of those wonderfully wacky eschatological physics books, though this particular physicist argues that modern physics points the way to (what he considers) traditional...