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    Should Orthodox Christians cast 'votes' for people of various faiths?

    I have thought much about the issue of 'voting' in a political, civil atmosphere for people who are non-adherent to the teaching of the Holy Church as it comes down to us from the Jerusalem and the Holy Apostles. It seems that our fathers who gave up their lives for Christ...the True and only...
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    Oriental Orthodox Con-Celebration 'cancelled'

    Christ has Risen! Sorry to inform but the con-celebration of the Oreintal Orthodox community in the New York area has been cancelled due to sudden events of greater importants with one of our sister churches. The Holy event by Gods grace will be rescheduled. Thanks.
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    Oriental Orthodox Con-celebration

    In accordance with the seated cannonical archbishops and general bishops of the Holy Oriental Orthodox Church community of New York and the Metropolitan area are praying that God wills a joint celebrate of the Holy Eucarist together on May 10, 2008 at 8:00 am in New York City. All the heads of...
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    Re: Engagement in Orthodox Churches

    Very beautiful! Did he bless your engagement ring as well? I assume yes. Maybe your traditon is 'no' engagement ring for the man although the women has to wear one? I am asking since I do not want to assume what your tradition is. In Ethiopia Engagement is a huge affair with a full...
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    The Crusades: Was this a protestant, R. Catholic or Orthodox movement

    Having looked at this issue pretty thoroughly over the last few years I have come to the conclusion that this movement was first a fluke. The impetus that started this nightmare had innocent aims. These aims were dismissed and was instead manipulated, fabricated into something else. That...
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    Christmas cash:

    As Orthodox Christians it should concern us that we invest so much money and time in the "holiday traditions" that brings more benefit to the enemies of God than to the Holy Church. I understand more this investment from protestants and Roman Catholics. But it fails me to understand why we...
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    The term "Habashi"

    Thank you; but for some reason I can not see the picture. FYI: "El Habashi" does not mean 'The Ethiopian'. This "phrase" (NOT a racial type neither a nationality) is Arabic of course and has not gain currency among Ethiopians particulary the deeply rooted types which accounts for the...
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    Ethiopian vs Ethiopean

    I notice that some people on the forum prefer the term "Ethiopean" while we Ethiopians and the rest of the world use the word "Ethiopian". "Ethiopean" - Is more liken to saying "European" or "Caribean". Thus seeming (to me) to describe a vast area of many different peoples but bound by one...
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    The "Christmas" tree. Is it Orthodox? or blaspheme of the true advent?

    =============================================================================== Jeremiah Chapter 10 Verses 1 thru 5 Hear ye the word which the LORD speaketh unto you, O house of Israel: Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for...
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    Deacon Ordination of Amdetsion October 29, 2006

    Greetings in the name of Christ I wanted to let the forum know that I was Ordained Deacon Amde Tsion last Sunday Oct. 29, 2006 in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church through the blesssing of God. Please pray for me and the work that I must do. Thank you Deacon Amdestion
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    The question from my Priest is: How has the fast changed you?

    This is my first topic. I was compelled to extend this question to all Orthodox Christians that have fasted the Fast for the assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary Mother of God. I am still thinking about my answer. Its sad to me that Its 3 days and I honestly do not have an answer. I can not...