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    Living descendamts of Christ (family)

    What do we know of any people living today or at least several centuries ago descended from Jesus' family? Obviously He had no children, but what about cousins or sides of Joseph and Mary? Logically, either the bloodline died or there must be millions. And honestly it would must not matter...
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    The effect of Theophilic/saintly names (example)

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gavrilo_Princip "He was one of nine children, six of whom died in infancy.[8] He was named Gavrilo at the insistence of a local Serbian Orthodox priest, who claimed that naming the sickly infant after the Archangel Gabriel would help him survive.[9]" Was this...
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    Martin Luther and Romans 3:28 - Defense in adding "Alone"

    http://beggarsallreformation.blogspot.com/2006/02/luther-added-word-alone-to-romans-328.html Interesting defense of Luther especially this quote: Thoughts?
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    The Orthodox Church and Sede Vacante

    Who represents the Church during an emergency when the Ecumenical Patriarch dies and a new one has not been elected yet by the synod of bishops? I have heard there is no sede vacante as with Rome, but there is no pre-designated successor either.
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    Roman Catholic site sneak dissing?

    http://www.chantcd.com/lyrics/credo_unum_deum.htm Subtle.
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    Must saints we don't like be venerated?

    If a canonized saint did somethng I don't agree with, how must he/she be treated? Must they be venerated equally?
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    Orthodox equivalent for Mass

    Accoording to online, Masses are only held in Western Rite Orthodox jurisdictions. What is the equivalent in the Eastern Rite? Historical question: When did the Western tradition of Mass diverge and separate from Orthodoxy? Gradual or suddenor there from the beginning?
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    Novorossiya Stronk!

    Not political just funny pictures I found. Notice the Slavic pagan symbol when there's the Russian coat of arms on the flag which has a globus cruciger, cross sceptre, and St. George...
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    Why do infants get baptized?

    Baptist thoughts have been creeping in my mind lately. Why do infants and toddlers and such receive baptism when they are unable to have the comprehension or free will to accept it and understand what is happening? Why isn't it a choice an adult makes? Isn't that making it pointless? Forgive me.
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    Passion-bearer Harold II of England and Orthodoxy of England - need sources

    "Though he has never been formally canonized, he is regarded by some Orthodox Christians as a passion-bearer or even martyr and as the last Orthodox king of England." http://orthodoxwiki.org/Harold_of_England Are there any credible sources for this please as to his Orthodoxy and the Orthodoxy...
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    Orthodox view of the Crusades

    Modernist perspectives aside, I would really like to learn more of the Orthodox view on the Crusades. Present-day refelections, medieval records by the East Romans,  all is good. However I would like to read views by qualified people. I'm not looking for "omg those evil crusader latins...
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    Immaculate Conception

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panachranta_%28icon%29 "Panachranta (from Greek: πανάχραντος "immaculate") is a type of icon in the Eastern Orthodox Church, that refers to the all immaculate Virgin Mary, the Theotokos.[1]" yet why is the Immaculate Conception not formally accepted in the...
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    The Bible in Hawaii Pidgin English

    https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Jesus+Guys+1&version=HWP No commentary needed. Here's my favorite chapter found so far: JESUS GUYS I Jesus Promise Fo Send Godʼs Spirit 1 Aloha, Teofilus! I wen write one nodda book fo you befo', an I tell you all da stuff dat Jesus wen do an...
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    Titular Patriarch of Rome?

    TO my knowledge, the Papacy holds an exhaustive laundry list of titular sees and bishoprics that mainly refer to areas that are longer Christian or part of their Church, such as Kingdom of the Vandals in North Africa before the Muslim invasion, bishoprics in Greece and Anatolia from the Fourth...
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    Divine right of kings

    Simple; does it exist? See 1 Peter 2:16, Matthew 22, etc. (Not whether or not you agree with it)
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    Why does RC reference Greek, but Orthodox does not reference Latin?

    Kyrie eleison, alpha and omega, etc. I notice the Roman Catholic liturgy often makes references to Greek used in the ancient Eastern Rite. However, why does the Orthodox (non-Western Rite) always use Greek, Church Slavonic, Arabic, and others but does not reference Latin phrases, symbols, or...
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    Why would God let people live and die lonely

    There have been many people in this world who live and die alone while still yearning for true love. Why does this happen? Adam was lonely and God mae Eve for him. Why let so many live in despair and depression? I mean...so many people feel incomplete or broken without a partner. Even worse, so...
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    Happy Michaelmas!

    Today is the feast of the Archangel Michael....in the Western world as far as I know. Apparently it used to be a popular medieval holiday. Why did so many Christian holidays go out of style and into obscurity? Was it the "Enlightenment"?
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    Interested in Western Rite

    I am really interested in the Western Rite and have always loved the Latin hymns. Are there any resources like books or interesting links or podcasts or something I can learn more about the Western Rite? Does the Western Rite use icons as often? I want to learn more please.
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    Questions about Patriarchs

    What happens in the periods/what is it called between the Ecumenical Patriarch's death and new election? Sede vacante? What if an emergency matter needs to be dealt with in the faith or politics before a new one is elected? Who leads? What is the name ofthe council that elects the EP?Can a...