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    The Hypostasis of Christ's Humanity

    Hello ozgeorge. I think you are a decent guy. Silly silly. What you are talking about would never happen. Neither do Roman Catholics try to do anything similar to the parts of Jesus. And some educated OOs. Or... the humanity of your Christ doesnt really exist. Do you realize that the...
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    Catholicism Bad, Orthodoxy Good, and other polemical assertions

    Split off from the "ewtn catholic answers forum bars..." http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,13287.0.html - Cleveland, Global Moderator Dear friends, It will do us no good to debate Satan's people. All true Christians know that the Wicked Warlord of the Tiber is...
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    society is run by the devil so quickly get out of there!

    All genuine Christians know that society is run by the devil. I am not going to quote paper and ink from the Scriptures. If you need a book to prove this to you then I think your problem is a bit more deep. The regenerated sons of God know by experience. In fact this is one of the very first...
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    Are Protestants Christians?

    We must ask how exactly the heathen prayed. I imagine a bunch of rowdy pagan women loudly entreating their gods over and over to do something for them. Or some commentaries describe the "vain reptitions" as babbling. Like glossalia. The feature of their way of prayer is that they need to ramble...
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    what books or manuscripts do you want published?

    Often I find myself studying a subject about which there is simply not enough information readily available to me. Or I need to read some ancient literature that has never been translated into English. I mean stuff that seems lost somewhere in the back of an old dusty shelf at an old library on...
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    Did Palamas believe Mary to be Mediatrix of All Grace?

    Excerpts from the Homily on the Dormition http://www.ocf.org/OrthodoxPage/reading/dormition.html It seems to me that Palamas is saying that she is mediatrix of all grace by physical instrumental causality and not merely morally by way of prayer. What is your interpretation?
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    baptize only on easter?

    Do the Oriental Orthodox churches baptize only on Easter? What other times of the year are people baptized? Are there any exceptions? Thanks.
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    modern OO monasticism

    How much is the eremitic or semieremitic [ie in skete, laura] life practiced right now in the Coptic, Armenian, and Syrian churches? I havent been able to find much literature on the topic. Any information would be useful. The Copts are traditionally the most eremitically inclined. I know that...
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    "Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos" and "Canon to the Most Holy Theotokos" ???

    Hello. This is my first post. I read somewhere that *all* the Byzantine churches use the "Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos" and that they use it about five times a year. Is this true? Is there any church that does not? What about the "Canon to the Most Holy Theotokos"? [Aka "Service of Great...