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    Archbishop charged with sexual assault

    Cappy Larson must be having a field day.  20 yrs ago? what took so long to accuse His Eminence?
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    Athens in clashes - Muslims protest alleged damage to Koran

    Any photos? A lot of semites look alike (fake AlQuaida)
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    Russian Church may help resolve Palestinian-Israeli conflict

    Wherever you go in the Holy Land, you will see Greek flags. May be it's time to see Russian flags...better still no flags apart from the Taufon of the Holy Sepulcher.
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    Met. Philip dismisses another priest

    It's ridiculous to make comparisons between wearing a cassock and forging a check. The priest was disobedient to his bishop - period.  Whether  the priest chose vanilla instead of chocolate is irrelevant, he must obey his bishop. It might seem strange to a generation reared on democracy to have...
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    And the 2010 Athenagoras Human Rights Award Goes To.....

    Fox news rep....hmmm...very inter-e-s-t-i-n-g, jawohl!
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    Antiochian Met. Phillip fires priest for wearing cassock

    Unfortunately it seems to be like that. Disgruntled parishioners phoning the ruling bishop when they don't get their own way and the poor bishop needs support from parishioners for his medical insurance. Not easy being a hierarch, priest or pious layman.
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    A Russian Orthodox Priest in Chelyabinsk Sanctified a Strip Joint

    Maybe it was good for the place and now has driven away the spirit of fornication.  Bad for business, though. - I hope!
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    Archbishop Seraphim of Ottawa on Leave of Absence

    An example of politically motivated 'molestation ' is the ridiculous example of a dinner lady in UK being warned for offering a  child (who is related to her) , a cookie. She was told she could be dismissed for 'proffering a biscuit for sex'.
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    Met Hilarion (Alfeyev): No Sacraments at all among Schismatics

    When schismatics become Orthodox their sacraments will become Mysteries
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    Archbishop Seraphim of Ottawa on Leave of Absence

    Repentance versus pop-psychology is probably the subject of a new thread. However, the Church offers the Mystery of Repentance and we need to consider this rather than assuming therapy (often secular) is not the answer. Again my question why bring this up so late? Is it because the alleged...
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    Archbishop Seraphim of Ottawa on Leave of Absence

    20 years ago??  What took the victim(s) so long to report this? And was child molestation the same as it is considered today?  If you put your arm around a child, some consider this molestation.  If you hug your secretary in fun, is this rape?  And there is repentance versus pop-psychology.
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    Meeting at Phanar with America Hierarchs

    The first step to unity is a return to the Church Calendar.  Worshipping according to the secular and the reduction and even abolition of fasting etc...is very devisive in that an individual can indeed choose how they live an Orthodox life.
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    "I'd love to baptize ET"

    the gods (aliens) of the heathen are demons.
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    Raimon Panikkar, 'apostle of inter-faith dialogue,' dies

    And in the Church of England.  I refer especially to Don Cupitt (?spelling) and the Bishop of York.
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    Lecture on Christianity Vs Islam

    I listened to an imam talking about Islam after a presentation by an Orthodox priest on Christianity in the Holy Land. The imam had nothing to say in defense of Islam but rather talked about universal peace.  No-one present was impressed by this.
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    Greek – Americans will conduct mass at Agia Sophia

    These Greeks are arrogant. As they say in subtitles for Chinese movies - dream on!
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    Famed Russian explorer shown Ark of Covenant

    No Mossad. No ark ;D
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    Orthodox Site Destroyed in Jerusalem

    Very sad  but been done before. They exposed ancient mosaics near Jaffa Gate and left they to the weather.