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    Mediocre Heifetz

    Jascha Heifetz was called the emperor of the violin by the media. But does he deserve the title? This experiment will help to find out. Here are two performances of the same musical piece ( Brahms violin concerto, third part). One is by Heifetz (I'll not tell you which), another by a female...
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    Heterosexual Electrode

    Weird things are going on in science. A Purdue professor studies "heterosexual phosphorene waveguide." A Cornell dean reviews "heterosexual design of solid electrolyte interphase." Mention anything about scientists not reading the titles of papers they cite or publish in this thread (which...
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    Those touchy impostors

    Came across an interesting article  "Yes, Impostor Syndrome Is Real. Here's How to Deal With It" https://time.com/5312483/how-to-deal-with-impostor-syndrome/ It talks about fears of being exposed as a frauds  wide spread (70%) among high achievers. They say it is a psychiatric condition which...
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    Black magician Pavlov

    Pavlov was a son of a renegade priest who practiced magic. While Pavlov Sr. did only white magic Pavlov Jr. ventured into  black one. The difference between the two types of magic is that black magicians sacrifice  animals. To avoid ecclesiastical persecution Pavlov said that kills the animals...
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    Forest manager gives a math talk - profs suspect nothing

    A man with a degree in Forestry, who confused a sine with a cosine, read a math lecture at Purdue university. And answered questions. Professors did not suspect anything wrong and thought that the talk was "terrific." http://ecclesiastes911.net/forest_manager_gives_math_talk/
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    "Stand the test of time" where did it come from?

    Do you know the origin of the meme "stand the test of time?" Used in the sense that if something old is still famous - it must be really, really good. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/stand+the+test+of+time Does it stem from one of ancient authorities?
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    Scientists don't read even the titles of the papers they cite

    From a research article: And the reference is: http://reverent.org/a_killer_reference/
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    The protocols of the youngsters of Parnassus

    In 1920s, I.A. Richards, a lecturer in English and Moral Sciences at Cambridge,  gave his students, most of which were English majors with a view to an Honours Degree, a set of poems and asked to judge their worth. He withdrew the names of the poets.  Richards published the shameful results of...
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    Popular Mechanics terrified of free climbing

    The learned scientists discovered for themselves a new kind of anxiety http://www.popularmechanics.com/adventure/outdoors/a24555/free-climb-video/
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    Not getting any notifications from forum

    on my hotmail account. Are they not sent out? Or mail from this forum is blocked by hotmail?
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    Quiz: Princess or merchant's daughter?

    Try to tell Grand Princesses of Russia from the daughters of second-tier merchants: http://reverent.org/princess_or_merchant_daughter.html
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    An ass founded an art school

    A hoax that embarrassed the art world http://ecclesiastes911.net/boronali/
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    Тест: Царевна или купчиха?

    Отличите великих княжон Романовых от дочерей купцов второй гильдии: Царевна или купчиха?
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    St. John Damascene's epistle against the Acephali

    Had anyone seen an English translation of St. John Damascene's epistle against the Acephali? Or the Greek original? I could only find the Russian translation ( http://www.krotov.info/acts/09/dam/io_194.htm ) but am not completely sure that the translator did not introduce heresies.
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    Holy Black Square

    A Comparative religion inquiry into Modern art. http://reverent.org/holy_black_square/
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    Unknown poet submitted under famous name

    Unknown poet submitted under the name "John Ashbery."  Got accepted by a major literary journal. http://tedhashberryman.com/2015/09/15/best-american-hoaxery/ In related experiments the editors rejected literary classics submitted as the works of unknown authors.
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    The New Testament of The Beast

    In 18th century in Germany a man was killed by a lightning. The police had found on his body a manuscript titled "The New Testament of The Beast." The man was a member of Illuminati masonic lodge, to which the founders of the USA had also belonged. They copied The Declaration of Independence...
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    Skiing on a busy weekend: a slalom between sheeple

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    A Zion lunch

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    Стихи поэта Быкова теряют, когда подписаны именем Коровин

    Стихи большого поэта и гражданина Дмитрия Быкова отправлены в 10 литературных журналов под именем Коровин. Результаты эксперимента: http://ecclesiastes911.net/ru/bykovin/