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    Homeschool VS Public School

    This is the most common claim against homeschooling, but I have never found any evidence to support it.  Most evidence I have seen suggests that homeschooled children are (if anything) more involved in their communities and have equal or better social skills than their peers.
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    If you are not OC, are you really Christian?

    This is not accurate, at least in terms of Orthodoxy.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard Catholics and Protestants say things like the above, undoubtedly in all sincerity.  And to some extent, this is our own fault for not being more clear. The Orthodox Church does not recognize...
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    Common communion spoon/cup

    I have always done what stashko describes (not touching the spoon), in my case at OCA and ROCOR parishes.  The OCA website seems to describe this method: "If one receives Communion in the proper manner, one would tilt one's head back and open one's mouth as wide as possible, thereby allowing...
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    Atkins diet?

    I think this will change with time.  "Confirmation bias" seems to have ruled the day since the 1960s or so. Personally, I have been eating high-fat and low-carb for a number of years now.  Not anything formal like the Atkins Diet, but just a recalibration of my views on what I ought to eat.  By...
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    Serbian Patriarch Irinei has celebrated Hannukah in a synagogue

    I must admit to being troubled by this.  We don't know all of the details, so hopefully there has been some misunderstanding as to what happened.  But it genuinely concerns me that there is such a reflexive defense of what appears to have happened.  The problem is that the pattern has become...
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    Antiochian Met. Phillip fires priest for wearing cassock

    This whole issue is very sad and puzzling to me.  I just hope there is some more reasonable explanation that we haven't yet heard. Speaking as a convert, I can understand mandating adherence to tradition.  I can understand allowing a relaxation in a practice for pastoral reasons.  But mandating...
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    Terrible TV interview of a Ukrainian singer

    I don't know how serious Ruslana intended that to be, but in terms of people who might be serious.... Honestly, I don't think speed limits or higher penalties for speeding will help.  Most people know to drive a reasonable speed (even without a limit), and those who don't won't care about a...
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    Something for the "Green" Patriarch to Ponder...

    It seems as if we have reached a point where almost everything said by the EP will be interpreted based on preconceptions.  And I mean to apply that to both "sides".  There are those who see practically anything the EP says as evidence of ecumenism and enviro-lunacy, but there are also those who...
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    Should Orthodox Christians cast 'votes' for people of various faiths?

    Many people in America would use the same criticisms and apply them to voting for a third party candidate.  What message does it send to be one of the 1-2% who vote for the Libertarian candidate?  The thing is, we were never supposed to view voting in this sort of "tactical" sense.  You go out...
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    Should Orthodox Christians cast 'votes' for people of various faiths?

    Who mentioned democracy?  :) Even still, I don't think it can be said that there is an obligation to vote when voting is voluntary.  If there is no candidate who you can vote for in good conscience, then I think it's perfectly acceptable to abstain.
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    Should Orthodox Christians cast 'votes' for people of various faiths?

    Not to be pedantic, but the United States is not (or is not supposed to be) a democracy. I should add though, that the Founding Fathers in the United States very specifically did not make voting a "duty".  There are many different motivations for not voting, and laziness is very different from...
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    The Canonical Declaration of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate)

    These are words attributed to one priest, not to the hierarchy of the Ukrainian Church. As it has been explained to me, the prayers for the "secular authorities" have nothing to do with supporting their policies.  One can certainly oppose the current president politically, but still pray for him.
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    The Canonical Declaration of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate)

    Please don't take this the wrong way, since there are many political issues that I have strong feelings on as well.  But in my view, "strong patriotic feelings" have no place in a discussion of the canonical order of the Church.  Whatever the merits of Ukrainian (or any) nationalism, it is not a...
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    Breaking the organ donor taboo in Greece

    I suspect that this issue will become more controversial if recent questions regarding personality changes after major organ transplants continue.  I have always been skeptical, but it seems that more and more scientists have become concerned about the issue of "transplanted personality".  In...
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    Hair coverings

    St. John Chrysostom refers to a woman covering her head in church as a matter of "the very laws of nature".  I think the idea that it is "cultural" (and thus can be discarded) is more or less a 20th-century rationalization.  St. John certainly seems to view it as a universal spiritual issue and...
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    Met. Kallistos Ware's Lambeth Conference Interview

    Metropolitan Kallistos has made several statements along these lines regarding ordination of women.  My concern is not so much that it will influence the Church (it won't), but that it will confuse non-Orthodox as to the Orthodox position.  That aside, am I alone in finding the first paragraph...
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    Cellphones & Popcorn

    The video is actually a trick put together by a company which makes bluetooth earpieces.  See here for more info. I wonder why a bluetooth earpiece company would want to do something like that...  ;)
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    New Cancer Research

    I have seen a number of threads about cancer lately, so I thought I'd pass on this new interview from Popular Mechanics:  14 New Questions for Cancer Research Maverick Zheng Cui.  There have been many false dawns for cancer, but this research looks very interesting.  I like the doctor's...
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    Baptism of Rus

    Well, Vladimir had the idols destroyed...then again, he put them up in the first place.  But in general : {from http://www.roca.org/OA/59-60/59f.htm} Not to suggest that freedom of religion was the norm a thousand years ago, but as far as I know the saints have always held that you can only...
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    C of E Approves Women "Bishops" (link)

    It should be remembered that the Greek philosophers mentioned by Fr Thomas lived before the establishment of the Church on Earth.  They did not have access to the Truth, except for what God may have revealed to them. As noted by a spokesman for the Moscow Patriarchate, this recent decision only...