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    WR Orthodox, a Rite or More?

    I would like to hear everyones thoughts on the nature of Western Rite Orthodoxy.  My own parish priest seems to view the WR as a liturgical rite alone.  The teaching, preaching, catechesis, etc. is all drawn from standard (i.e. eastern) sources.  We also encorporate some Byzantine elements into...
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    Catholic Sacramentals

    I would like to hear opinions on the use of Catholic sacramentals for Western-Rite Orthodoxy.  My sacramentals I mean scapulars, miraculous medals, sacred heart paintings, and anything similar. Many thanks!
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    "Through the Son"

    I've been studying the issue of the filioque, and found that there are fathers who speak of the Holy Spirit as proceeding "through the Son".  For example, St. John of Damascus writes: "And we speak also of the Spirit of the Son, not as through proceeding from Him, but as proceeding through Him...
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    Jurisdiction in the Antiochian Church

    I was hoping to be given some clarification about the authority that the Patriarch of Antioch and the Metropolitan wield over the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church of North America (which I'm a member of).  What exactly is the relationship of the AOCCNA to Antioch?  What authority does the...
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    "Primacy of Honor"

    I frequently read from Orthodox authors that they believe the See of Rome to have had a "primacy of honor", but not supremacy or universal jurisdiction.  I would like to know what is meant by the phrase "primacy of honor" in everyone's understanding.  God bless, Don
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    Liturgy Obligation?

    My girlfriend is Catholic and we attend services with each other on alternating Sundays.  I recently read that as a Catholic she has an obligation to attend a Catholic mass each Sunday or Saturday night.  My question is: do we have a similar obligation?  Am I doing something improper by...
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    Epsicopal Equality

    I'd like everyone's thoughts on the subject of the equality of bishops.  I was taught that all bishops are equal, and the distinctions between them are only honorary.  It's clear however that metropolitans and patriarchs exercise jurisdictional authority over the bishops of their churches as...
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    Audio Books?

    Could anyone recommend some places to obtain Orthodox audio books?  My brother has recently become interested in Orthodoxy and has almost no time to read but plenty of time to listen to cd's while he drives for work.  In particular I'd like a book like "The Orthodox Church" or other good...
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    Marriage to a Catholic?

    I am in a serious relationship with a Catholic girl that is headed toward engagement.  We began to research our church's marriage regulations, and found that Orthodoxy requires its member to marry in an Orthodox wedding.  I asked my priest about this, who is Antiochian, and he confirmed this.  I...