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  1. J

    anyone that has read lots of christian literature

    I figure there is someone here that has read all of these, and I'm curious if I will feel bored out of my mind/find it difficult to read this in 6 weeks, plus write papers, work, do volunteer work and other stuff. I can't even find some of this stuff on the web to see what it is like...
  2. J

    finding comfort with mystery?

    Anyone know of any books on finding comfort in the mystery of Christianity? Seems like it is a neglected topic but would be helpful today. (I have a feeling someone is going to suggest CS Lewis or GK Chesterton but honestly I can't find their writings interesting at all, so, please don't)
  3. J

    orthodoxy and vegetarianism?

    Ok, so I think I am thinking about trying out this whole Orthodoxy again but something (well, lots of things, really) is different now. I'm pretty close to being exclusively vegetarian. Is there any problem with that? I know monks are vegetarian but is it considered 'too extreme' for lay people...
  4. J

    not sure who god is anymore

    Please pray for me.. I believe in God more than I ever have so far in my life now, but less sure of who He really is.
  5. J

    can you heat rather than burn incense

    I'm talking about the 'tears' type of incense. Can it be heated in a holder over a flame rather than burned if you can't do so or don't want to produce smoke in your house?
  6. J

    reasons for rejecting the bible/religion/whatever

    (ok, so this is going to be kinda vague since I'm trying to keep it short) It starting to seem to me like most people reject the Bible or Christianity for really bad reasons, mostly just 'feelings,' not liking its morality or simply not understanding it. The second especially in regards to sex...
  7. J

    end times ideas just people that don't get grammar?

    So, I hear Protestants talk about the 'end times' and 'last days' a lot in the sense that the word is coming to an eminent end. Stuff like Hebrews 1,2 "Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom...
  8. J

    people with experience with indian religions?

    Does anyone here have experience with Hinduism, Vaisnavaism or any of that? This semester at school I got involved with Vaisnavas a bit, but ultimately got severely weirded out by them. Something that bothered me the most was that they encourage other people to do japa while just presenting it...
  9. J

    Yet so many modern Orthodox deny Christ suffered for us?

    This thread split off from here: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,48961.msg857581.html#msg857581 -PtA Last week as I was praying and read the Creed, it struck me where it says "And He was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate, and suffered, and was buried." Yet so...
  10. J

    so, is calling the church the church of hell forgiveable?

    Yeah, no? I'm not sure since after that communication pretty much completely ended. Kinda made me feel like I hit a point of no-return when no one even tries to turn you around.
  11. J

    christians and usury

    Usury is denounced in the OT and NT bunches, so why do Christians participate in it? I've noticed Muslims have created their own banking systems even in the west to avoid being involved in usury but it seems like Christians have not. There are banks which have some kind of vaguely Christianity...
  12. J

    does god allow people to do things in order to teach them things?

    Specifically, does God allow people to act like fools to destroy their pride? I have started to think lately that most (maybe all, maybe not, there are cases where it seems contradictory to God's goodness) things happen for reasons that aren't entirely mundane.
  13. J

    icons again...

    Venerating icons is just way too foreign for me and I can't do it anymore. I've been trying to go to church now that I have a lighter schedule but it just stops me from going. I know people will dismiss this as "Protestant" influence but no, its not, I wasn't raised a Protestant and I can count...
  14. J

    muslims behead christian convert in tunisia

    Muslims behead Christian convert in Tunisia :-\ The big media names are not covering this of course. And this is our (the west's) fault because we helped them. And we helped it happen in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and we're helping it along in Syria.
  15. J

    all people children of god?

    I hear people say all people are "children of God" or "God loves all his children (meaning, everyone)" all the time. When I read the Bible though it seems pretty clear everyone is not the "child of God" or "God's children." Jesus makes numerous statements about some people being children of...
  16. J

    ancient remains as evidence for various practices

    I was thinking about ancient remains that are used as evidence for different practices, such as the ancient synagogues and the Dura-Europos church and iconography, and realized there is a bit of a problem that I've never seen addressed. How much do we actually know of the people that built them...
  17. J

    chaplets and roman catholic prayers

    Are any of the Catholic chaplets or the rosary ok for Orthodox Christians to do? I know believing in the promises or indulgences usually attributed to them is out but, otherwise, are they ok? Would it be seen as 'dabbling' or at all akin to being not committed to Orthodoxy or just plain weird?*...
  18. J

    our country is going off the deep end...

    Ok, I don't pay much attention to the media, but a couple things this week have really gotten my attention... First, Dan Savage was supposed to give a talk about bullying to high school journalism students. Instead, he talked about what his boyfriend looks like in a speedo and other sexual...
  19. J

    the "true" origin of easter according to a pagan

    http://youtu.be/bGq3TXG0Ydk This is just ridiculous... This guy makes up a story and proclaims this is the origin of Easter, Easter Eggs and "Easter bunnies." Its why "Ostaras" favorite offering is easter eggs and all kinds of stuff... Sadly, some people will believe this is some true ancient...
  20. J

    oriental orthodox are prolific :)

    Another Oriental Orthodox church opened in my town, the second in 3 years. This one is Coptic. Is there a lot of growth for your church in America? I'm happy about this, but I also have to wonder if it is isn't because so many Copts have been fleeing Egypt, which is sad.