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  1. J

    Western Rite Service for a Saint?

    Does anybody know if there's a Western Rite service to or for a saint? If one wanted to have a service to honor a certain saint, but not something like the hours or Vespers or Liturgy? Something akin to an Akathist in the East?
  2. J

    Converts Taking a Slava?

    Most specifically to any ethnically Serbian posters here, I converted in a Serbian parish. It's fairly common there to start celebrating a Slava when you convert. Now I'm at Seminary and a convert friend of mine mentioned wanting to start the tradition, but he was afraid that people would think...
  3. J

    What was the Western Rite done on Mt. Athos?

    I've heard repeatedly that there was a Western monastery on Mt. Athos for much longer than any other Orthodox land. I was curious - do we not have the texts from the monastery describing the liturgy and other mysteries? If so, did these in any way influence the current Western Rite practices?
  4. J

    Rhyming Hymns in Antiquity?

    Someone once told me that before there were rhyming hymns the hymns of the West were more similar to those of the East, as in not in verses, not rhyming, etc. I've always been partial to non-rhyming hymns, and I wanted to know what those old Western hymns were (or if they existed and what I was...
  5. J

    Historical Western Rite Vestments

    Sleeper's Icon got me curious; what would St. Patrick's clothing have looked like? The Icons of him I've seen have him in a hood sometimes but I don't know why (monastic clothing of the time?) and sometimes he's dressed like an Eastern bishop but I don't know how historically accurate that is...
  6. J

    What Would You Name a Western Orthodox School?

    If you were to name a school after a Western Orthodox saint, who would you choose and why?
  7. J

    Wycliffe Bible Commentary

    I was just given this commentary, and didn't know if I should keep it or give it away. Does anyone who knows it better know if it would be beneficial to keep it, or give it to my cousin who's a Protestant pastor? How Orthodox is it?
  8. J

    Book of Kells - Western Iconography?

    Has there ever been any talk of using the illuminations from the Book of Kells as a springboard (or even just the illuminations themselves) for a Western Style iconography? When I look at them they certainly seem to have a lot of correlations to traditional Iconography.
  9. J

    Questions after my first Western Rite

    I attended my first Western Rite a few weeks ago and I had some questions. 1) Is it normal not to chant everything? That threw me off and seemed to produce a sort of...choppy effect. Is it an option and this parish just so happened not to do so? 2) When it was silent was the priest praying...
  10. J

    Marriage Ceremonies

    A recent discussion on another forum has me thinking. I was taught that something of the bond of marriage continues in Eternity. Obviously while sex is left behind one's wife on Earth is still your wife in Heaven, even if that means something different than what it does on Earth. The Western...