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    Sacrament of Unction on Holy Wednesday

    I have a genuine question.  I have been Orthodox now for 17 years and have always attended Orthodox parishes of a Slavic background.  I was watching a program on yourtube about Orthodox Holy Week produced by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.  It was excellent and I learned a lot from it.  One big...
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    Bishop Mark Maymon no longer administrator of the OCA's Diocese of the South?

    I have just read on another forum that Bishop Mark has been removed as the administrator of the Diocese of the South at St Seraphim's Orthodox Cathedral in Dallas.  Is this true? Does anyone know anything about it? Why was he removed? Who removed him? Was he re-assigned somewhere else?  What is...
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    No Confessions during Holy Week?

    I have a question for all of you: Does your parish priest require that all confessions be made before Holy Week starts for those who want to commune at Pascha? I'm just wondering more that I am complaining, really. In my parish April 16th is the absolutely last day confessions will be heard...
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    My Dad's Situation

    Hello Everyone. It has been several years since I have posted. I am very worried about my 85 year old father and need some common sense advice and prayers about the situation. Let me explain.  My 85 year old father is a widower. He used to live by himself. Several years ago my unmarried sister...
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    Many Years for the Metropolitan and Diocesian Bishop

    I have a question and I hope some of our liturgical experts can answer it. We don't sing "Many Years" at the end of the Liturgy anymore in my unnamed OCA parish, not for the Metropolitan nor for the Diocesian Bishop. We actually stopped doing this several years ago when we got a new priest. I...
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    Christmas Trees in Historically Orthodox Lands

    I am curious about the subject of Christmas trees amongst the Orthodox in the Old Country. I know that the Christmas tree originated in Germany. My question is, has it been embraced by Orthodox in the Old Country? I've never been to Greece or Eastern Europe, so I have no first hand experience of...
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    Nativity Fast or Advent?

    Does our Orthodox Nativity Fast acutally correspond to the Advent Season of the Western Church? I used to think that it did, until I had an OCA priest I met at St. Tikhon's monastery challenge my thinking on that. This priest, whom I'll call Father X, who had also been raised in a liturgical...
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    Outdoor Icons

    Does anyone know where I can get large sized metal or mosaic icons of Christ and the Theotokos to go outside in an icon shrine in my front yard? I've tried Icon prints protected with plexiglas, but they fade very quickly in the South Carolina sun. Ideas anyone?
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    Organs in Greek Orthodox Churches

    Does anyone know when the use of organs in Greek Orthodox parishes in the USA started? In the 1960s? Immediately after the Second World War? Or earlier? I've never seen a Greek Orthodox monastery that used an organ, not even here in the USA. I am told that the use of an organ in Greece itself...
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    The Priest's Silent Prayers in the Divine Liturgy

    I would like to invite a discussion of the Priest's Silent Prayers in the Divine Liturgy. I am aware that the prayers that the priest prays "in a low voice" are a subject of much discussion within the OCA today. My purpose in starting this thread is NOT to condemn any priest (or jurisdiction...