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    Is it a sin to get vaccinated? (ethical issues concerning aborted fetuses)

    Hi - I know this subject was discussed before, but this question really bugs me... Can we be eternally damned by accepting a covid vaccine? If we do feel there's something dodgy about the C-19 plandemic, that big pharma is plotting against us and accepting the vactine is like being marked with...
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    What is the core difference in understanding the idea of Icon between the Orthodox and Catholics?

    This is a question I always wanted to ask - if you could list a few important differences in how the Orthodox and Catholics perceive icons.... - what would it be? - if an Orthodox monk or priest expresses an oppinion that "The Catholics should not be paining icons - because they don't...
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    psychiatric treatment and medication

    There is a lot of talk about vaccines - but I would like to ask what is the position of the Orthodox Church towards modern days psychiatric treatment? I remember that once during a routine medical check-up I complained to my doctor about work stress-related issues. He suggested taking SSRI...
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    A sensitive topic for new converts...

    [spoiler alert: it's one of those "ughhhhh!" topics, so if in doubts, skip reading...] Here's a question I am too ashamed to ask my priest - because I have no idea how to ask without going into details... But here's the thing: In Orthodox faith, nocturnal emissions are considered sinful - and...
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    How do you celebrate 2 Christmasses in mixed (new style, old style) families?

    Every year I come across the same problem: how to fast and celebrate Christmas with my family at the same time... I find it extremely difficult, because whatever I do seems to be wrong: - if I decided to keep fasting on 24-25 Dec, I would ruin Christmas for my parents (they would feel sorry that...
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    Who is allowed to paint icons, according to Orthodox Church laws?

    Nowadays many people take up icon painting. There are a lot of small studios selling (usually) poor quality paintings - but I've heard that in the view of Orthodox church it is not "entirely" legal... Is it always necessary to receive a blessing from the Bishop of a given place - or is it only...
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    Please pray for my career

    Please pray for me as I lost my job. May the things happen according to God's will. "I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word "
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    What do you think about listening to music during Nativity Fast?

    Is it OK to play some lounge/low-fi music on Spotify - or is it something that hurts one's spiritual life? I think that music is nowadays part of everyone's life - the way of expressing and experiencing feelings and emotions. I've been trying to avoid listening to music during this winter...
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    lustful or not lustful glances - a serious problem with confession

    I have an issue that I cannot really discuss with my priest: is it a sin to look at someone attractive? To give you an example: your'e watching tv or browsing a magazine - and baaam, there's that man/woman that catches your eye. Or, worse - you see someone handsome in the street and look at...
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    Prayer in difficult situation

    Is there a particular prayer - and is there a special saint helping with difficult/hopeless life situations? I was raised in a roman catholic background and I remember saints from urgent or hopeless cases... In Orthodox Christianity Is there a saint helping with difficult bank-related issues?
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    please pray for me to solve bank-related problems

    Please pray for me so our Good Lord helped me with a difficult situation which has been tornmenting me lately. God Bless you all!