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    Avatar and links are gone

    Sunday night. Maybe this is a general break down and not just me but when I log in my avatar does not appear in the top corner nor do the links to current and new topics.
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    How do you block someone?

    Never mind.... I figured it out. Christ is Risen
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    Today is the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address

    Today 11/19/2013 is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address From Ken Burns documentary "The Civil War"
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    Halloween Poll

    Some Orthodox say Halloween is disrespectful to the dead. How say you?
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    Miracle in Rhodes

        Have you seen this?  It just happened...
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    150 years: 1st Minn. Vols at Gettysburg

    First Minnesota Volunteers at Gettysburg 150 years. A Gap had formed in the Union line, which was simultaneously notice by both sides. The rebels saw their chance to split the Federal Army in half and win the battle. They quickly sent nearly 1200 troops forward. General Hancock came galloping...
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    I watched Joel Osteen on TV today

    Home sick from Church. Sore throat..cold.. yuck So I put on the TV to at least see a sermon and found this fellow Joel Osteen. I have seen him from time to time being interviewed but never his Sunday Sermon. Packed stadium..Impressive Ya know.......... It was fine. Personal improvement stuff...
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    For 40 years This Russain Family Was Cutt Off From Human Contact Unaware of WWII / Old Believer Family lived Seculded for 40 years

    Amazing story:
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    What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

    What resolutions have you made for 2013? Mine is to stop posting on wait.......................... oh crap
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    Pray for Chester

    Our Matuska's little pug dog Chester is not doing well..Liver failure it seems like. Tests are being done.
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    I am starting a thread about drinking coffee. I have become coffee motivated lately and I was hoping there are others here who would like to geek out on Coffee. How do you brew it? What brands do you like ? What is your favorite? Do you grind the beans yourself? What kind of grinder? Do you...
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    Civil War 150 Years: Antietam

    Today marks the 150th anniversary of the battle of Antietam the bloodiest single day's fighting in our history.
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    Pray for the grievously ill Natasha

    Please pray for  Natasha a 16 year old woman in our parish who is grievously ill. :'(
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    And in Today's News

    I opened up my AOL just now and here are the three headlines I saw, all current: Man disembowels himself and Throws Intestines at Cops Seattle Shooting Leaves 4 dead, 2 Critically Injured Man who chewed off Victims face is ID'd And now for something completely different...
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    Jim Marshall Dies

    Jim Marshall, creator of the Marshall Rock and Roll Guitar Amplifiers passed away yesterday. What? JIM MARSHALL CREATOR OF MARSHALL AMPS DIED WHAT ? I SAID..  JIM MARSHALL DIED WHAT ? Never mind
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    Paleo Fasting for Lent

    Several board members and myself adhere to a "Paleo Diet" or Adkins type diet. This type of eating trys to mimic the way humans ate for a couple million years before the advent of agriculture. The theory is that grains, legumes, dairy and sugar and processed food don't suit how we are...
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    Pray for Jill

    I read the obits in the paper today and saw that an old friend had died. I dont know the cause yet but she was just 56 and had a prescription drug habit for many years. The obit said she "Died in her home" without giving the cause so i fear she may have succumbed to some sort of over dose. She...
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    Kim Jong IL Converts to Christianity

    umm..ok...  Never mind P.S. I am sure he was a great guy, on the inside.
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    Christopher Hitchens Converts to Christianity

    Noted writer and Atheist Christopher Hitchens passed away December 15th of pneumonia and complications of esophageal cancer. He was just 62. On December 16th after a twenty minute meeting with the Lord (behind closed doors, no reporters were allowed) Mr. Hitchens  announced that he will embark...