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  1. qawe

    Protestant Churches are Members of Body of Christ: Pope Tawadros

    I was going to resurrect this thread but I realised it was in the private forum:,58210 "All the churches of the world that pray with the Creed are members of the Body of Christ" - HH Pope Tawadros...
  2. qawe

    Pope Tawadros "explains" why he visited SUS/LA first before New Jersey
  3. qawe

    Metropolitan Bishoy of Damietta and the Byzantines

    I have seen it claimed online that Met Bishoy revoked the EO-OO Agreed Statements on an unofficial, personal level just after signing them. Can anyone confirm? And in general, how do we reconcile his ecumenical activities with his attitude towards "Byzantine theology"? If this thread gets...
  4. qawe Censorship

    So apparently the mods at have no sense of humour, so they deleted my satirical response to Mina's question - "I'm very curious to the tradition as to why we call St. Wanas "Anba"." ( I post my answer here in protest and for...
  5. qawe

    "Protestantism is heresy"?

    Hi all, I believe that "Protestantism is heresy". I know that's extremely politically incorrect, but is it theologically incorrect? Are there any educated Orthodox who would contest this statement?
  6. qawe

    Pope Tawadros and Female Priests ^Why is Pope Tawadros supporting a conference where an advocate of female priestly ordination is speaking about Women in the Church?!
  7. qawe

    New Coptic Bishop for Montreal

    Congratulations to Heg. Fr Eklimandos Ava Mina (center) for his nomination as Bishop of Montreal & Eastern Canada. Source:
  8. qawe

    Reassessment of Coptic Mission Churches

    Read more here: Glory to God, and thank God for Fr Michael, the author of 'Incarnational Exodus'. This is a breath of fresh air for all of us who have been concerned about the heterodox direction some Coptic mission has...
  9. qawe

    Contemporary American Hymns

    "At St. Seraphim Cathedral, worship is conducted in English with a majority of Church singing done according to the Russian-style practice, although hymnody from other traditions (including contemporary American) is sung" Can anyone provide an example(s) of...
  10. qawe

    Prayer with Non-Orthodox

    If we can pray with non-Orthodox groups which self-identify as Christians using 'lowest common denominator' ecumenical prayer services, then why can't we pray with non-Christian groups (eg Jews, Muslims) using similarly reductionist services? In both cases, these groups are potentially outside...
  11. qawe

    Musical instruments? ^I thought Byzantines used no musical instruments in their worship.  What instrument is being used here?
  12. qawe

    Contemporary influences on Syriac liturgical music

    "Traditionally, the use of musical instruments is avoided in liturgical services. In 1930, at the Synod presided by late Patriarch Elias III at Dayro d-Mor Mattay, the use of an organ was permitted. Today the use of musical instruments is becoming increasingly prevalent in Syriac Orthodox...
  13. qawe

    H.H. Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas on Unity

    "The unity of Christianity can only happen in and around Christ, who is the head of the Church and we with all our doctrines are only parts of the holy body of Christ." Source: Are these sorts of idea...
  14. qawe

    Why hasn't there been ordination of women into priesthood yet?

    Forgive me, I don't know if there is any other thread that makes this point: Does anyone think that a major reason there hasn't been a bigger push for ordination of priestesses in Orthodoxy is that the Catholics haven't done it, and in fact will never do it (as long as the doctrine of papal...
  15. qawe

    Deposed vs Excommunicated

    In regard to these canons: Why is the punishment for clergy being deposed, but for a layman it is excommunication? I would have thought that if laymen are excommunicated, clergy should be too, as they committed a bigger sin by not only making...
  16. qawe


    Do EO altarboys have to be chanters or readers? If not, how do they vest?
  17. qawe

    Women in the Church

    I am interested to hear from both EO and OO on this topic. In the Orthodox Church, in modern practice, and historically, can a woman become: a chanter? Reader? Sub-deacon? Deacon? If so, is the woman ordained/tonsured to these roles, or does she just serve in that capacity without ordination...
  18. qawe

    Do female choir members wear head coverings?

    Just wondering, cos we don't have female choir members in OOy.
  19. qawe

    Change in bylaws for election of new Coptic Pope What do you guys think? Personally I see a lot of pros: no diocesan bishops, every priest and full deacon allowed to vote (expansion of voting base), candidates unable to be nominated if ever nominated...
  20. qawe

    Questions on Theosis and the ontological theory of salvation

    I have two questions: 1. Why was Christ's death and resurrection necessary, if through His Incarnation, he already abolished the dichotomy between man and God through the hypostatic union of his humanity and divinity? 2. Without penal substitution and satisfaction, how is our sin, apart from...