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  1. Volnutt

    Sankt Ephrem's Fastengebet im Deutsch?

    Ich kann nicht im Google est finden. Ich brauche es für nächstes Jahr lol.
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    Azteco-Mexican Catholic Feather Art

  3. Volnutt

    A thought I had about Buddhist and Christian iconography

    From an old thread that I saw today: Is it possible that some of the "Greco-Buddhist" heritage survived in Bactria into the Roman period and led to some cross-pollination (perhaps via Persian Christians) to thus create some cross-over in some of these icons? Seems like it would be very...
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    The "Wrath of Christ"

    Just wondering about how God's attributes intersect with His timelessness, incorporeality, and dispassion. Even if God as an immaterial being can't be said to "get angry" in the same sense that we do, can't Christ's human mind be said to? Or am I falling into Nestorian thinking here?
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    Samson the Judge really is a Saint?

    Huh. This is the first time I've ever seen something like this, though I recall looking for it once in EO sources. However I note that he doesn't have a halo in their accompanying picture. It's also interesting given that Samson arguably committed suicide. From the "Coptic Daily Synaxarium"...
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    I still don't understand why Rome gets Supremacy but not Antioch

    It's still April 1 for four more hours here, so I figured I'd start one more thread that will soon descend into folly! :P Setting aside the Church at Alexandria having been founded by his disciple St. Mark, St. Peter was personally the bishop of Antioch for several years. So, why does the RCC...
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    Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

    Not something that I have personally, but I feel bad for those who do.
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    Is there a "Feeneyite Workaround?"

    Something that's confused me lately. St. Gregory Dialogist is said to have prayed the Roman Emperor Trajan out of Hell. Thomas Aquinas reasoned that this must mean that Trajan was brought back to life long enough for Gregory to baptize him. So, assuming this is true, why is the debate about the...
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    isxodnik, will the physical world be destroyed?

    To repeat myself from that thread- what's unorthodox about "matter is important and God isn't going to just toss it aside?" Do you think the New Heavens and New Earth will just be a floating white void? What's the point of keeping relics of the Saints, then? Also, lol at the idea that I...
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    St. Vladimir and the Armenians

    I never see mention of the OOs in the story of the Baptism of Rus'. Was there any particular reason that Vladimir never sent envoys to Armenia (Etchmiadzin is about the same distance from Kiev as Istanbul)? Did he not see a difference between EO and OO, for example?
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    Video- "Flat Earth: A Measured Response"

    Looks like Simkins has a new friend! Video NSFW.
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    The Modern Mummies of Papua New Guinea I actually watched an older documentary about this tonight. Gemtasu, who was some kind of Catholic it seemed like, was worried that if he actually went through the mummification that God would judge him for it. I'm curious, is mummification like this...
  13. Volnutt

    Jesuits publish list/timeline of priests "credibly accused" of abuse in Alaska

    At first blush, I'd say about a quarter of them are pre-Vatican II fwiw.
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    For some personal issues

    I can't go into details, but I'm facing some very difficult times ahead. I'm going to be leaving the internet for a while. Please keep me in your prayers.
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    Does Nontrinitarianism have any kind of "Apostolic Succession?"

    I've been discussing this some with a Nontrinitarian recently. I maintain that, whatever Scriptural exegetical arguments one might make against the Trinity (not that I accept those arguments), it's ultimately a moot point simply because Arianism (or any form of Nontrinitarianism) failed to...
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    Pope Francis calls for "permanent catechumenate" for married couples Can't say I actually understand what this entails... but ok.
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    The Phantom Time Hypothesis

    TIL, some people think that the years 614-911 (and I'm sure a sufficiently motivated conspiracy theorist could make quite a bit of hay about that particular end-year) never happened.
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    Why aren't monasteries a good enough place for repentant abusers?

    It's confusing to me that this should be so, but it has been shown to be pretty well true imo. Is it because the Abbott/ess doesn't take the recidivism risk seriously enough? You'd think that if the monastery absolutely has to have kids or other vulnerable people around for some reason, it would...
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    How do you stay attentive?

    I sometimes have the problem of going on "autopilot" as I read my prayers. My attention drifts in and out and I sometimes feel like I'm barely "aware" of what I'm reading as I'm reading it. I also find that I sometimes have a problem with rushing through my prayers to "get it over with." This...
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    The Choir Hoodie

    As a spin-off from the Klobuk/Fez thread, I'm interested in information on the choir hoodie. What is its origin, development and meaning? When was it last used (the Fall of Constantinople?) and how does it relate to the dome-shaped white hats also seen in that video? It's hard to find anything...