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  1. That person

    For a hopeful scholarship

    Hello, prayer forum. Here's the situation: I'm a senior in high school, and I have a good, but not phenomenally good, resume. I would really like to go to Loyola University of Chicago. I've been accepted, but even with the scholarship they offered me, tuition is mad expensive. I am, however, a...
  2. That person

    Funeral Homily of a priest for his suicidal son

    This is a pretty astoundingly beautiful thing. Read it.
  3. That person

    So I think I might be having a crisis of faith.

    So recently for my speech class, I gave a seven-minute long speech on the topic of the Trinity. I dug into things like the difference between Social Trinitarianism and Latin Trinitiarianism and the application of Triadology to Ecclesiology. It was a lot of fun to write and deliver, but in doing...
  4. That person

    AP Tests

    Hello, everyone. I have AP tests coming up, which will either make or break my college application. English tomorrow, US History Friday, and US Government Monday. I really don't feel prepared for any of them, so any prayer I could have would be greatly appreciated.
  5. That person

    For my PSAT results

    Tomorrow at eight, I'll be taking the PSAT, the test used to determine who becomes a National Merit Scholar, which in turn determines which colleges I'll feasibly be able to attend. I've done pretty well on the test in the past, but the math section is still quite a stumbling block. I'd really...
  6. That person

    For my trip to Thailand

    Early Friday morning, I'll be leaving with a group from my church to go to Pattaya. We aren't Orthodox, but we'll be doing good things like distributing food in slums and prisons, visiting orphanages, and giving Bibles to Chinese tourists. I hope that, unworthy as we are, God may use us to bless...
  7. That person

    Evangelical pastor teaches Apokatastasis

    Covered by Time here. The article is pretty interesting, but be warned that it contains a lot of the annoying trends that typify modern religious journalism.
  8. That person

    For my friend Hannah

    A brief introduction: I'm 16, and I got a Protestant high school. Over the past couple of years, I've become very good friends with a girl named Hannah. She attends a megachurch with her family, but has confided in me that she's lost her faith in Christianity and now privately identifies as...
  9. That person

    "I'd love to baptize ET" If sentient alien life were discovered, what would the implications be for the Orthodox Church?
  10. That person

    A Dilemma of Mine

    My Sunday School teacher at our Southern Baptist Church asked us to take over teaching duties while he left for Air Force training (He is ordained and plans to become a chaplain once he finishes seminary.) He wrote out a list of topics on the board, and I was assigned "ordinances". (That's...