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  1. IsmiLiora

    Prayers for my marriage.

    I can't even believe I'm posting this here. I am in a daze. My marriage is virtually over. I don't want to post details, but this has happened very abruptly. I am in shock. We will be trying to work it out, meet with Father over the next few weeks, but the prognosis does not look good at this...
  2. IsmiLiora

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, 69, has died
  3. IsmiLiora

    Movies that made you cry!

    I think it's time for another fun thread on And what is more fun than talking about crying? A friend and I went to lunch a couple of days ago and the subject came up. I told her that I cried for two hours after watching Friday Night Lights (the film, not the TV show). I can't watch...
  4. IsmiLiora

    Bah, humbug!

    Does anyone else here get really grumpy/depressed around Christmas? As I get older, I always feel like Christmas is so empty. My family is very culturally Catholic, and they would make a big deal out of going to church that one day of the year (not just limited to the Catholics, I know that! ;)...
  5. IsmiLiora

    CBS News: 2 shot dead at Va. Tech; Gunman sought :( I was a sophomore in college, I believe, when the first shooting occurred. I went to a college several hours away, and had friends at VA Tech. The months after the shooting were especially brutal for...
  6. IsmiLiora

    Your signature scent

    Now, every message board I've been involved in has had its silly threads, such as "What are you wearing?" or "What's in your purse?" I've wanted to start one of those threads randomly, but seeing as how the demographic is heavily male, I didn't think I would get a lot of response on...
  7. IsmiLiora

    Can a "sola scriptura" approach find support for iconography?

    Hi all.... In the 3,483th discussion with my in-laws about Orthodoxy, their latest issue is icons. They came to our apartment last week and saw our little makeshift icon corner. When I wasn't in the room, my husband told me that his mother said, "I hope you know how to really use those things,"...
  8. IsmiLiora

    What was controversial when you were growing up?

    The Pokemon/Harry Potter thread made me think a little bit about this. What were the major cultural controversies (books, movies, television shows, music) when you were growing up, that you specifically remember? We have a wide range of ages on the board, so if a lot of people respond, it will...
  9. IsmiLiora

    Another obstacle

    I'll try to make this short. After the plethora of storms/earthquakes/hurricanes/etc, that have hit my area, my husband and I have been working non-stop. Basically, when he gets home around 10 PM, we eat dinner and go to sleep or I return and work until 1 AM or so. There has been a lot of work...
  10. IsmiLiora

    What TV shows are you watching?

    Since there is a movie thread, and I kind of feel like I'm cheating by posting TV shows in the movie thread, I thought I would start a TV thread. Pretty much 99% of what I watch are all TV shows. Mods, if you want to combine this with the movie one, go right ahead. I thought I would see how...
  11. IsmiLiora

    Anyone feel the Earth shake?

    ****. We just had an earthquake here. The phone lines are down but the internet is working. Shaking. no idea how to reach husband. ETA: Say prayers. I heard that this went on all up the mid-Atlantic seaboard. I hope you all are safe.
  12. IsmiLiora

    How much do you have to know?

    This is something I've been musing on for several weeks. I've been a bad catechumen, and aside from going to DL every Sunday, I haven't read very much, aside from reading and posting on this board constantly, during my work breaks (trying to change that also...). I am planning to explore prayer...
  13. IsmiLiora

    Lust and other matters--Re: Interesting development in the OCA

    It's on the "What Are you Listening To" thread back there. But it seems like you like the classics. I like a mix of both the older musicals and some of the newer stuff. We might disagree too. ;)
  14. IsmiLiora

    Create your own Fasting Guidelines!

    Now, a disclaimer before I start: This thread is supposed to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek (with a serious discussion of food culture all over the world). I don't think we should necessarily change the fasting guidelines. One of orthonorm's posts in another thread finally spurred me to make this...
  15. IsmiLiora

    Converts: Praying for intercession through the saints and the Theotokos

    This is a question for past converts or current catechumens (or heck, anyone in the Church! Answer away). It's taken me a long time to get around the idea of prayer for intercession to the saints or the Theotokos. Actually, my defenses fell one night like a house of cards when I was praying...
  16. IsmiLiora

    What would you have said?

    A few weeks ago, my husband and I had a burning curiosity to see if there were any Orthodox books at the local Family Christian Bookstore. Take a look around. It is land of the free and home of the evangelicals. I used to buy books and music there once upon a...
  17. IsmiLiora

    Mini crisis of faith :(

    Today, while I was at the Liturgy, I almost burst into tears. When everyone was reciting the Communion prayer, I was just wondering, "How long is it going to be before I get to participate?" I know that things cannot happen right away, and I am just a few months into being a catechumen. But...
  18. IsmiLiora

    Walk to Emmaus

    Has anyone here been on the Walk to Emmaus? (The Upper Room -- Walk to Emmaus It's essentially a retreat disguised as the beginning of a longer journey. People from many Christian denominations attend the walk, although there were no Orthodox Christians on my...
  19. IsmiLiora

    Free-for-all tea thread!

    I read this thread on another message board, and I thought it would be fun to follow suit and post it here. I got a lot of recs for tea from those threads, and I enjoy reading about other people and their opinions of tea. :) So, do you love tea or hate it? What are your favorite types and...
  20. IsmiLiora

    What is your favorite "schlocky" movie?

    Inspired by orthonorm's post -- what is your favorite "schlock"y movie? Now, I'm not talking about the ones that everyone hates but you love -- but the movies that are oh so bad and yet you've burned out your VHS cassette watching it, the movie that you can quote from memory (although you...