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    For Edward and Justin

    If you could please pray for my friends Edward and Justin who either have or are in the process of apostatizing from Orthodoxy.
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    Casting's production of "Laurus"

    Theophania as Ustina. I think we could make Mor as Ambrogio work. Perhaps Trisagion as Christopher and Lizy as the abbess of the Pskov convent?
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    For the newly chrismated servant of God Cecilia.

    Please pray for my friend Cecilia, who was received into Christ's Church this morning.
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    Bishop John (ROCOR) Celebrates Divine Liturgy at Pokrovsky Church in Rubtsovo

    Source: A picture gallery of the event can be found here.
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    Where is St. Peter as the Rock Defined?

    Related to some of the other threads that are happening on this board, did the Vatican ever formally define that St. Peter was the rock, and if so, where? Pastor Aeternus never explicitly makes the claim and interprets Matthew 16:18-19 and John 21:15-17 as Christ investing St. Peter with unique...
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    How often is too often to drink?

    How often is too often to drink? I've enjoyed being 21 a lot over the past year, but part of me is thinking that I've taken it a bit too far. Very rarely do I drink to the point of being drunk, but I would say that I drink on a regular basis and am beginning to develop a bit of a tolerance...
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    Audio Recording of an Old Rite Liturgy in English A couple of months ago the Church of the Nativity made an audio recording of the choir (and the priests in the background) chanting the Divine Liturgy.  If anyone's interested, the link is posted above.
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    Favorite Saint who Doesn't Belong to Your Local Church

    What's your favorite saint who doesn't belong to your local church? For instance, I would consider myself to be a member of the Russian Orthodox Church, and one of my favorite Saints is St. Sava of Serbia. Let's try and limit this to saints born after the year 1000 AD.
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    What Orthodox book has meant the most to you?

    What Orthodox book (outside the bible) has meant to you personally? Mine is "Fr. Seraphim Rose: His Life and Works" by Hieromonk Damascene.
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    Former Classmate Has Rare Tumor

    A former classmate of mine, Alexandria, has a extremely rare and inoperable tumor located next to her heart. Please, pray for her health and for her family as they undergo this trial. As far as I know, they aren't Orthodox.
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    Engaging a friend who's trying to deconvert you

    Recently over lunch, a close friend of mine who's Catholic told me that he's interested in Orthodoxy to the extent he can understand why I converted so as to bring me back to Catholicism (which I have no desire to do).  I thanked him for his honesty (I've had people try and do the same thing...
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    Book recomendation on the Kievan period of Russian History?

    Does anyone know of a good history book that deals specifically with the Kievan period of Russian history?
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    Akathist to St. Seraphim of Sarov

    Does anyone have a pdf copy of the Akathist to St. Seraphim of Sarov or the Canon used during the Vigil Service to him that they'd be willing to send me?
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    Russian Orthodox Horologion in English

    Does anyone know of a good English translation of the Horologion according to the liturgical tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church?
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    Third Edition of Old Orthodox Prayer Book to be Published

    The third edition of the Old Orthodox Prayer Book published by the Russian Orthodox (Old Rite) Church of the Nativity of Christ has cleared the formatting and editing process and is waiting on a publisher. The ideal timeline for publication is in the next two to three months. Orders can be made...
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    Friends sister in hospital

    If you could please pray for my friend's sister, Abigail. She hit her head pretty hard and had to be taken to the hospital. Lord, have mercy on thy suffering servant Abigail.
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    UOC-KP to ask the EP to recognize Autocephaly

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    If vanished...

    If you woke up tomorrow and was gone forever what would you do? I'd try and see if I could get a grant to develop my silly walk.
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    Youth share their “Dream for the Church” at closing AAC Plenary Session

    Link: Thoughts?