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    Seen in a video-game arcade in Tokyo

    I have no explanation ...
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    Question above. Comments are encouraged.
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    Tiredness issue -- need suggestions

    Hey, dudes. I would like to start by saying glory to God for your presence in my life through this strange medium of an internet forum. I am very grateful for your wisdom and fellowship. This post will be perhaps a bit incoherent, so I pray I have your patience. About three or four years ago...
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    Father Thomas Hopko on "discerning the body"

    In multiple of his podcasts (see, for example:, Father Thomas Hopko appears to say that St Paul's phrase "not discerning the body" does not mean failing to discern that the bread of which we partake is the...
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    It's Clean Monday here in Australia ...

    That this whole day may be holy, perfect, peaceful and sinless, let us ask of the Lord.
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    For those that travel by land, sea or air

    Hey, dudes. I am mostly posting this as an excuse to say farewell to you all as I shall be away for four or five weeks. I will be in South Korea for part of that time, so if you'd like to use that as an excuse to pray for stability and peace in the region, please do. Otherwise, I thought we...
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    The Trinity Statement: Some Evangelicals re-defining the Trinity?

    Here's some Sabellianism in "mainstream protestantism" for you. What was that about most Christians being able to recite the creed and mean it? Shamelessly stolen from Father Anastasios.
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    Resources on or your views about church government, especially the episcopate

    Hey, dudes. Two friends of mine, who are a couple, are in the process of trying to find a church to attend together for the foreseeable future. This has resulted in weeks and months of "church-hopping" between protestant parishes of varying denominations. The male of the couple is a big lefty...
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    Anyone ever been to Seoul or parts of Korea easily reached from Seoul?

    I need your much appreciated travel tips and recommendations! I should be there in the midst of winter, if all goes to plan.
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    Article re "morning after pill"

    There is so much disturbing about this article (appearing in a capital city broadsheet) that I do not even know where to begin: "Contraceptive pills can be missed, condoms can occasionally slip off or tear and unprotected sex sometimes just happens. Thankfully, women who want to avoid an...
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    I can barely abide Church these days

    I'm at my wit's end. The obscene, disrespectful, generally irreverent and personally rude behaviour that goes on in my parish is slowly driving me to stop going to Church. Please pray that I will get my head and heart in the right place and keep going to Church.
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    Quite possibly the most beautifully-chanted anaphora

    I'm not usually one for starting threads, but I really wanted to share this video with you all: I believe the chant is in Bulgarian, though it may be in Church Slavonic. The chant appears to be in the Greek style. As far as I can tell, the video runs...
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    Post pictures of your pets

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    An anecdote re worship style

    Protestant interlocutor: I think it's important to bring the faith to people in a way that is accessible and culturally relevant, not stultified and inexplicable. Me: You have in mind contemporary music, praise bands, worshipping in t-shirt and jeans? Protestant interlocutor: Yes, I think it...
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    Child beauty pageants

    Hey dudes and dudettes, I am especially interested in some American opinions on this issue. This link shines some light on the seemingly-majority Australian perspective (and also on the trashy writing that passes for broadsheet journalism in these parts)...
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    Tips for serving at the altar

    Hey dudes and dudettes, I have recently been invited by my priest (read: forced) to begin serving at the altar. I have successfully survived two liturgies now, but I would not describe my performance as rising above the level of mere survival. The other servers are all seminarians who know...
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    Why was the Resurrection necessary? Why can we be confident we, too, will rise?

    Hey all. Thank you for welcoming me into this wonderful community and also providing such a brilliant resource to the world at large. I would like to take advantage both of your kindness and your knowledge, if I may. I have kinda fallen into the role of de facto leader of a bible study group...
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    What do you guys make of this?
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    Christ is Risen!

    It seems we don't have one of these threads yet and I had no idea where to put this one. Mods, please feel free to move/rename/add tags/&c. I thought we could share our Paschal greetings and joy in the Lord's resurrection in this thread. This is the day of resurrection. Let us be radiant and...
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    Let us love one another that with one mind we may confess

    I did a quick search but couldn't find anything on topic. I would like to know whether your parish does anything in particular when the celebrant intones "let us love one another that with one mind we may confess" during the liturgy, before the creed. I understand that the clergy at the altar...