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    Middle East Christians urge Arabs to lead fight against Islamic State Today's Jerusalem Post has an interesting article citing a call by two Middle Eastern Church leaders calling for Arab States to drop their timidity and lead the fight against the so-called Islamic...
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    Pope urged to setup Religious UN

    In today's Sunday Times it is reported that Shimon Peres, former Israeli Prime Minister, has urged Pope Francis to setup a religious UN. I hope he has the good sense to politely but firmly kick this dreadful notion into the long grass. Such an institution may only be a milestone to the coming...
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    IS behead a British aid worker

    Tragically a third person, David Haines, a Scottish aid worker has been beheaded by the infamous IS/ISIS/ISIL. May he and all their many other victims rest in peace.
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    Malala Yousafzai suspects captured

    Associated Press and AFP reported yesterday that the Pakistan Army has captured men suspected of the shooting of the campaigner for girls' education, Malala Yousafzai. Malala, now living and studying here in Birmingham, continues to campaign for the education of girls. As my late mother was...
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    Ian Paisley dies

    Today the uncomprising Ulster Unionist, Dr Ian Paisley died. A firebrand preacher, opponent of all things Roman, and then pioneer of power sharing with an erstwhile enemy, Martin McGuiness. They became known as the 'the Chuckle Brothers'. For all his sectarianism he was a very effective MP.
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    Irish UN troops rescued by Israelis

    According to today's Jerusalem Post senior sources have told The Irish Independent on Sunday that the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) were in instrumental in rescueing Irish Army peacekeeping troops on the Golan Heights. Meantime 44 Fijian peacekeepers remain captivity and are threatened with a...
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    Biggest threat to Christians since the Holocaust

    In today's The Times of London the Archbishop of Canterbury refers to the actions of ISIS as the biggest threat to Christians since the Holocaust and the reign of (the) Genghis Khan. Plus reference is made to a letter of sympathy sent by The Prince of Wales to the Chaldean Catholic primate. Not...
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    Four USAF aircrew killed in North Norfolk

    Please remember in your prayers the four crew of a Pave-Hawk USAF helicopter from Lakenheath AFB in Suffolk, England who crashed this evening on the North Norfolk Coast while on a training mission.
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    Person of the year 2013

    London's The Times and the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury have nominated Pope Francis as their Person of the Year 2013. Anyone got alternative nominations?
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    Michael Schumacher in critical condition

    Yesterday the 44 year old Formula One racing driver while out skiing with his son off piste in the French Alps fell and struck his head against a rock. Despite wearing a helmet and being initially conscious his condition merited helicopter evacuation from a local hospital to the regional...
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    16 killed by suicide bomber

    A black widow suicide bomber has killed herself and 15 innocent victims at Volgograd railway station in S. Russia today. She had apparently been unable to pass the metal detectors, otherwise the death toll would have been much higher in the crowded rail station. She is the second black widow...
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    Mikhail Kalashnikov dies

    After a long illness the originator of the Kalashnikov assault rifle died today.
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    Irish Anglicans 'consecrate' first female bishop

    Today's Irish Indepedent reports that the 53 year old mother of two, Rev Pat Storey was 'consecrated' bishop of Meath and Kildare at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, on Saturday 30 November, 2013. This is a first in Ireland.
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    Angola bans Islam?

    According to the Daily Caller several newspapers in the region are reporting that all mosques are to be closed and may be demolished.
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    Pope to give a woman a Cardinal's hat?

    The Daily Mail - a serious rag if ever there was one - has today an article suggesting a 49 year old married woman may be made a Cardinal? Now I've double checked my calendar and know it is not 1st April. Anyone know anything about this potential bombshell, or phantasy?
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    David Cameron to launch £2,000,000 Islamic Bond

    The UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, is reported in today's Daily Telegraph to be launching in a few day's a first at the upcoming World Islamic Economic Forum. The Bond, a first in a non-Islamic country, will attract and encourage investment in the UK. Truly Londonistan in more ways than...
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    Two bombs kill 75 Christians in Pakistan

    The BBC today reports that two suicide bombers blew themselves up as worshippers left the All Saints Church, Peshawar, Pakistan. Relatives of the victims gathered at the scene to protest again at the Pakistan Government's failure to protect them. May the dead rest in peace.
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    Jihadist attack on shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya

    A variety of news agencies and my Kenyan neighbours have been reporting/telling me of an Islamist attack on the upmarket Westgate shopping mall. Reports speak of 39 dead and 160 wounded by a group estimated to number 5 persons armed with grenades and AK47/74s. Allegedly the attackers told people...
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    Venezuela sends in troops to it's only toilet paper plant!

    I was only half listening to the news when I heard that Venezuela's National Guard had been sent into the country's bog roll manufacturer, following earlier national shortages. Didn't know whether to laugh, cry or be overwhelmed by feelings of empathy. It seems a little unreal that an oil...
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    Vatican is to rehabilitate "Liberation Theology"

    Today's The Times reports that the Vatican's L'Osservatore Romano has devoted it's centre pages to a rehabilitation of so-called Liberation Theology in an apparent reversal reportedly by the current Pontiff from the line followed by his immediate predecessors. The only exponents I have met of...