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    Upstairs Neighbour

    Somehow, our upstairs neighbour haven't been able to pay the rent, so he is being kicked out. We didn't talk much, but he was a pretty nice guy. As far as I know, he will be staying at a friend's place, but I would still like to kindly ask people to say a prayer for him. Thank you.
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    For Fr. Christoforos

    I just learned that father Christoforos Schuff, an american-born norwegian priest, is appearently suffering from cancer. Lord have mercy!
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    For the victims

    The cyclone Hudhud has resulted in unusually harsh weather in the Himalaya mountains. So far, at least 17 people have lost their lives due to snow storm and avalanches. More than 160 people are reported missing. Lord have mercy!
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    I would really appreciate if someone could clarify to me what exactly is going on in Ukraine, because I keep hearing stories about orthodox fanatics kidnapping and murdering protestants.
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    Questions from a muslim

    One of my muslim sharemates asked me today about christianity. He had been attracted to some of the christian tachings, but there were some issues he couldn't figure out. I tried to aswer him as best as I could, but I don't know if my answers were especially good. His first question was...
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    Has the pakistani church left the russians?

    I just visited their website and it seems like they have shifted to the Old Caldebarists.
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    I've moved out.

    I'm supposed to begin at University next week, so I have moved to Odense. I would be very grateful if you would pray for me as I adjunkt to my new surroundings, and for my parents who helped with moving in. Thank you.
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    "An Orthodox Future for Finland"

    What do you think about this article? I have seen criticism of the finnish choice of calendar before, but this guy is extreme.
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    Genesis 3:22

    I can't figure this verse out. Genesis 3:22 How are we to read this?
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    Hesychast controversy

    I've been reading about the hesychast controversy and there is something that bothers me. Now, I know this is Wikipedia, hence why I'm asking for some more information, but I thought it was interesting:
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    Lutheran consecration

    It isn't orthodox, but I thought I would put this up for those who might be interested. The new bishop of the Diocese of Ribe (where I live) was consecrated today. I like to watch ordinations, since they are some of the most high liturgical ceremonies the danish church can muster...
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    For my uncle

    Please pray for my uncle, who has been hospitalized again. The doctors have rejected the earlier diagnoses they gave him and at the moment, they have no idea what he is suffering from. Thank you.
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    Saint Odran

    I was reading about this saints, when I came across this: So... are we to take this as a mere legend? I know that in Denmark, foundation sacrifices were practiced by some christians for a short while, before the Church put a stop to it, but I have...
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    Romanian Cathedral

    I'm almost 100 % sure that a thread about this aleady exist, but I just couldn't find it, so... Does anybody know what happened with that huge cathedral, they were going to build in Romania? If I remember correctly, the construction was met with a lot of opposition. Has that affected the...
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    Prostrating before priests

    I watched this series( and noticed how the people prostrates before the clergy. I wondered if this was solely a slavic practice, or if the greeks did this too in the past.
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    There is a theological discussion going on in Denmark right now about the nature of the Christ's suffering and death in relation to our Salvation. many priests refuses to accept the traditional viewpoint of the lutheran church. What would the Church say about this discussion? This article...
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    Another Ukraine thread (Please don't kill me)

    I am not trying to create another political thread, I just need to get get something verified. I was reading a norwegian christian blog this morning, when I stumbled upon an article that said that Pro-Russian rebels in Donetsk have ordered the city's jewish population to register or having...
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    "The Magnificent Century"

    I accidentally stumbled upon this turkish series. I generally enjoy historical series and from what I can gather, this one should be pretty realistic(i.e. not biased or romanticized), but I wanted to know if anyone have seen it?
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    The Census of Quirinius and King Herod

    This struck me when I was reading the Jesus. ben Gamala thread. The Scriptures tells us that Christ was born during the Census of Quirinius, which took place in 6-7 AD. But King Herod had died in 4 AD. It doesn't add up. Does anybody know something about this?
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    Camel archaeology contradicts the Bible Thought this was interesting.