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    'Being raised Catholic is worse than child abuse' - Richard Dawkins

    Not to mention he's completely inept at the only thing he thinks he is good at. Check out "The Dawkins Delusion?" by Alister McGrath. The book is simply a point-by-point dissection of "The God Delusion" pointing out his inability to correctly construct the simplest logical syllogisms.
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    Emotional Detachment?

    I've felt the same as the OP my whole life, and pondered the same question(s) once I converted. About the shooting specifically, I feel terribly sorry for the victims and pray for they and their families, but there isn't an emotional aspect. My girlfriend explains to me that she had a strong...
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    Unusual Orthodox Churches

    Just got back from Divine Liturgy at Assumption this morning. Beautiful cathedral, I love to make my way to that side of town when I can just to hear the choir!
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    What do the Eastern Orthodox think of the Novus Ordo Mass?

    I'm not a "member," but I've visited St. Augustine and that parish has a good relationship with my home parish of Holy Transfiguration of Christ Cathedral in Denver (our icon writer has done some beautiful icons in their church, and parishioners from each of our churches visit each other often)...
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    Marriage to Non-Christians

    Thank you Gary, I appreciate the comfort :) She is a wonderful lady and she's the one for me, and I guess "nervous" would be a good way to put it for her. I'm willing to take as much time as she needs, in return for her loving support of my faith. I just want her to get baptized knowing what the...
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    "Traditional" Western-Rite Orthodoxy?

    One of the parishes on that list is the one I found lacking in my thread in this forum, so I don't know what definition they might be giving to "traditional."
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    Disappointed at a Western Rite Liturgy

    South Denver. Wasn't aware of that; thank you. Of course it happens all over the Church; I didn't mean to imply that it was the fault of the rite somehow. Wonderful words, thank you for enlightening me. The reason I didn't approach for communion wasn't because I was being a petty rigorist, I...
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    Disappointed at a Western Rite Liturgy

    Right, I understand that certain communities of believers have certain needs, and this style fulfills that for them (I think it was one of the Anglican parishes that came to Orthodoxy as a whole). The parts I was uncomfortable with (not extreme, just mostly unfamiliar I guess) were the...
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    Disappointed at a Western Rite Liturgy

    I attended a High Mass at a western rite church today which uses the Liturgy of St. Tikhon because I haven't experienced the Anglican use before (and St. Tikhon personally founded my home parish as well as this parish), and my previous experience with western rite (Gregorian) was wonderful and...
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    Spiritual Father vs. Confessor vs. Regular Old Priest

    I didn't mean to imply it was negative baggage :) Just that Catholics are told that weekly confession is needed while the Orthodox seem to leave "confessed recently" up to the interpretation of the individual. At my particular parish me and a couple (maybe three) others are the ones who go...
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    Spiritual Father vs. Confessor vs. Regular Old Priest

    Thank you for the thought-out response. At my church one priest stands where confessions are taken and it often changes who that is week by week, so there's no option if you need to confess. That's why I wondered if it was common to have just one confessor, because my parish never has more than...
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    Marriage to Non-Christians

    I guess namely I'm asking for her to "endure" the Church's requirements to marry us. I'm somewhat confident that in the long run she might be drawn into the Church by exposure. She's not opposed to being baptized, she just feels that it would be a "lie" to God because she doesn't feel like she's...
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    Marriage to Non-Christians

    Thank you all for the sober words. That's rough, but I understand why the Church has this position. Because of her relationship with me she has grown more curious about Christianity and, like I mentioned, she somewhat frequently brings up the topic of being baptized, so I guess my only recourse...
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    Marriage to Non-Christians

    Hello to all, My situation is interesting. I've been dating a wonderful girl for about three years. But when our relationship began, we were both secular subjectivists with no particular religious beliefs. But in the course of time I came to the Church (I was chrismated somewhat over a year...
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    Spiritual Father vs. Confessor vs. Regular Old Priest

    Is it particularly common or expected that someone have a single confessor? At my parish, whatever priest is standing by the big bible where confession is heard that particular Sunday is the priest I confess to. Three out of our four priests have received my confessions.
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    Should a bishop celebrating Divine Liturgy in a WR be allowed to wear a pallium?

    Was this parish you describe in Denver, by chance? Because you perfectly described my best friend's Catholic parish - "Catholic Community" instead of "Church," decorative fountain thing as the baptismal font, no imagery or even statuary, bandstand and drum set in the choir's place...
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    Katie Holmes to divorce Tom Cruise over Scientology

    I hope she returns to her Catholicism and raises their child in it. It's unfortunate that the child will have to live in a broken family, but if she can raised with Christ and not in a cult, then this is overjoyous news.
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    The Orthodox Church as "The Lazy Servant"

    Wow, wonderful words. Just wow.
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    The Tomos of Leo, Pope of Rome

    Huh, thank you for the info. I was expecting a simple "Because the Eastern Orthodox Church requires acceptance of all their Ecumenical Councils," which would be a ridiculous reason to me if that's all it is, so I'm almost glad it's more nuanced than that on a theological level and not just...
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    The Tomos of Leo, Pope of Rome

    Reading this thread, I've come to understand that the non-Chalcedonian faithful have no problem at all with Constantinople II, having "corrected," "clarified" or "tied up the loose ends of" Chalcedon (depending on your perspective). So why didn't that council do anything to resolve the schism...