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  1. Brilko

    Lord take care of Lois

    May the angels guide her.
  2. Brilko

    I am on the brink of losing it please pray for me.

    May the Lord grant you peace.
  3. Brilko

    I had new ministroke, need CAT scans

    I had a CAT scan recently. Not quite as much fun as the MRI, but it was OK. The contrast drink wasn’t very yummy. May God rest his healing hand upon you.
  4. Brilko


    Social distancing. I would’ve just stayed there.
  5. Brilko

    Random Postings

    I met a girl named Faith once. I don't know where she is now. I'm not a heathen. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? Ooh, heathen is a place on earth. Do you believe in heathens in love? Do they rise above? Don't tell a lie, don't be false or untrue It all comes back to you. Send me an...
  6. Brilko

    For my family - my father again did something very bad

    May wisdom and peace fall upon you like a gentle rain on a warm spring day and raise up flowers of joy.
  7. Brilko

    I can't use search, is there a thread about ketosis?

    I’ve done well with keto and intermittent fasting. Lost weight and kept it off. Removed my diabetic medications. I wish I could do longer term fasting but my blood glucose drops too low. The simple key to ketosis is to consume a very low amount of carbs. I do that by eating foods that are low...
  8. Brilko

    Random Postings II

    I want to be the titular titler. In fact, I feel so entitled to the title of titular titler that I am unilaterally taking this title.
  9. Brilko

    Random Postings

    If they don’t know me by now They will never, never, never know me I’ve never met the archbishop but I got bitten by Dolly Llama.
  10. Brilko

    Fr. Mark D White: Vision for Nicaea III in 2025 A.D.

    There may be a meeting. If there is, barring a major miracle like Christ descending with a scroll to be signed by all participants, it is unlikely to be remembered as Nicaea III.
  11. Brilko

    Random Postings

    I hate Fordham University. There are no bears at Fordham University. I also hate the news. Not even bears could save the news. Maybe, there's a world where we won't have to run, and Maybe, there's a time we'll call our own, Living free in harmony and majesty, Eat the news, Gentle Ben, Eat...
  12. Brilko

    5,000-Year-Old Sword Discovered in Venetian Monastery

    We were mainly training longsword but also some dagger and buckler.
  13. Brilko

    5,000-Year-Old Sword Discovered in Venetian Monastery

    I was, briefly, a student in a reconstruction of the style of Fiore dei Liberi. Swords and Italy. A beautiful combination.
  14. Brilko

    Picture of the Day

    I’m too woke for all this virophobia. #VirusRights
  15. Brilko

    ITT: We discuss the right to bear arms

    I’ve been studying savate. If they confiscate my arms, my legs will still be dangerous.
  16. Brilko

    How is your community regarding the COVID-19 pandemics?

    I don’t know. I rarely get out of the house anyway. Except for the lack of toilet paper, this whole thing is just everyday life for me.
  17. Brilko

    Rebuilt the front end on my truck

    Ali is an OK dude, but stay away from those thieves he hangs out with. So sez me.
  18. Brilko

    Former converts, why did you leave?

    There she stood in the doorway I heard the mission bell
  19. Brilko

    I'm Convinced.

    I didn’t like Joyce all that much the first time, so I’m not sure that I want to re-Joyce. I did like him better than that Wesley Crusher on the Next Generation, though. I’ll probably give Joyce another shot at some point.
  20. Brilko

    Greek Archbishop of America Declares Open Communion for Non-Orthodox Spouses

    The linked article is garbage. The headline claims that open communion has been declared. It then provides zero quotes that declare open communion. I wouldn’t trust this article even if I had written it. It’s best to ignore stuff such as this.