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    Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, subtle Mormon truths?

    Yes, Serbs like thier conspiracies and I'm no exception.  ;D  If a Mod feels this subject gets too out of hand feel free to scoot it over to the "Free for All" board. Where I work is probably like many other places a blue cube Dilbertian landscape and a healthy affection for Steven Covey...
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    Christian Rock

    Well, I'm not a fan of so-called Contemporary Christian music. I was wondering if anyone here were fans of Contemporary Christian music. I'll express my reasons why later, I'm curious about what others think first. PZ. :)
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    Looking for an article on Pasha baskets

    Hi everyone! For my parish I'm putting together a "mock up" pasha basket. In addition to the mock up basket, I'm putting together recipes and a list of foods. I have been looking for a good "history" on the Pasha basket. I haven't had much luck "googlin." Thanks! :) ;) PZ
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    Please pray for my newly departed friend

    Dear All, One week ago on Wednesday a good friend of my husbands took his own life. This came a big shock to his friends and family.It has been just over a week and I can't shake the feeling of numbness and disbelief. Please pray for Dave and his surviving friends and family. thank you PZ
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    Prayers for my husband and I

    My husband and I are heading towards a very busy and not to mention, scary 5 months. My organization is transfering me to another city and my husband will be finishing his masters degree in May and trying to enter the job market after a 2 year stint in graduate school. Please pray for us.
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    Can I do a happy dance?

    My husband and I were chrismated on January 12th! Just thought I would share.
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    How to pronounce?

    I have a lame question... How do you pronounce "St. Cassiane"? (AKA St. Kassia) Is it... Cas-zhane? Cassie-anne? Cas-ain? I'm off the wall and it's something else?
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    How does one say... "Check your Protestant Baggage at the Door Please"?

    I am not sure how to handle this situation, there is a gentleman who attends my church who has some REAL protestant baggage. He likes to corner me during the coffee hour and rave on and on about WHY he left the Presbyterian church because "they were oh so liberal and treated church like a...
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    Masons and Orthodoxy

    There is a gentleman (convert) who is new to my parish, I noticed he was wearing a Mason ring. Isn't a Masonic membership discouraged by the Orthodox church?
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    New to the board... I have a couple of questions

    Hi! I'm new to this board... I have taken some time to read the convert testamonies. Very facinating! My husband and I are contemplating converting to the orthodox church. Here is our stories, hope someone can help shed some light... put thier 2 pennies in... I'll start with my...