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  1. CRCulver

    Is the African Orthodox Church still in communion with the Copts?

    The African Orthodox Church is probably most widely known in the US for glorifying John Coltrane as a saint. According to the Wikipedia article on the Church, they are "allied" with the Oriental Orthodox Church through Alexandria, which I can only assume means they are in communion. Is this...
  2. CRCulver

    Syrian Orthodoxy in India and casteism

    So I'm traveling in India, and my travel guide mentions that in order to thrive on Indian soil, the Orthodox Church here adopted a number of Indian customs including casteism. Where might I read more about this? As Christ's parables of the Good Samaritan, his encouragement of humility, and the...
  3. CRCulver

    What branch of Islam is this?

    The following message of Muslim proselytism was spammed on a Usenet newsgroup I read. I thought it was interesting, as it bears a resemblance to the Jesus Prayer and there are other matters here (like a recommendation for a "spiritual guide") that I have not seen in mainstream Muslim...
  4. CRCulver

    How do arctic peoples fast?

    The traditional diet of the Inuit and the Nenets is almost entirely meat. These peoples are now in contact with the Orthodox Church and many have converted. How do they handle fast days when to give up meat would be starving?
  5. CRCulver

    Words other than "catholic" in the English creed?

    Have there been any translations of the Divine Liturgy into English that use a word other than "catholic" in the Nicene Creed ("one holy, catholic and apostolic church")? I'm simply getting a bit frustrated by introducing non-Orthodox friends in English-speaking parts to the beauty of our...
  6. CRCulver

    The canonization of Stalin

    Recently there have been a lot of reports in the news about fringe elements in Russia who want to glorify Joseph Stalin as a saint. Here is one for example. Recent events in Russia and the perennial attachment of the Russian Orthodox Church to state power make this not entirely impossible. I...
  7. CRCulver

    Orthodox travel advice for Istanbul?

    A friend of mine and I are on our way to Istanbul for a week next month. While there, we hope to immerse ourselves in what little must remain of Orthodox liturgical life in the city. Does anyone know pointers for where to go for daily services? We'll also be going to Izmir/Smyrna, in case...
  8. CRCulver

    The 24 prayers of St John Chrystostom for the hours of the day?

    The Estonian composer and Orthodox convert Arvo Pärt wrote some years back a setting of 24 prayers by St. John Chrysostom for every hour of the day and night. Here is the English translation used in the piece. Does anyone know where I can find the original Greek of these prayers? What is the...
  9. CRCulver

    Do Serbs (et al.) hate the diaspora?

    On one (non-religious) forum I participate in, there's one rather loud Serbian fellow who, whenever Orthodoxy comes up, always claims that his country represents true Orthodoxy and that the diaspora has gone astray. The example he gives is that in the U.S. the Serbian Church allows marriage...
  10. CRCulver

    Writers to avoid

    At my university library I found a book by Paul Evdokimov called Ages of the Spiritual Life. After I checked it out and got home, I discovered that the author was tolerant of Roman Catholicism and the spirituality of such figures as Thomas Merton. He was caught up in the Paris expatriate scene...