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    Prayers for letting go...

    To trust God, to stop believing I know what is best because I have always been wrong. Prayer to love my enemies who used to be my best friends, why is this line always so blurred and so painful. They prosper and my pit keeps getting deeper and darker. I am tired and I am exhausted and I just...
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    Mother given one month to live

    Metastatic breast cancer to the brain, she is 78 and has refused treatment, I know 78 is a good amount of years, but to die this way, my brother is intellectually disabled and she is his world, she has not prepared him, he knows something serious is wrong and has basically gone crazy :'( I am in...
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    Please pray for my friend

    I have known her close to 30 years, it's either madness or drugs or the drug use she has hidden so well has led her to madness. I just do not recognise her anymore, I had to distance myself  because I felt I was enabling her with my compliance, and I just could not help her and she lashed out...
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    prayers for patience, faith,love.

    I need prayers, I need a miracle, I have lost all patience, faith and love. I am so tired of the what ifs And lost opportunities of the past, i am petrified of the future, financial and otherwise. I just feel like I need to let go of all expectations and let God guide me, but I cant because I am...
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    The Jesus pray and yawning. Not out of boredom

    Strange thing happened today it has been such a long time since I  have prayed the  Jesus prayer with sincerity and faith, and this was always done in English, I have been lazy with my Greek the last few years. I went with two of my friends to a monastery today the monastery had a little book...
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    Communion Question

    Hi, Sorry if this has been answered before, but is it true that you are meant to refrain from kissing icons and people (even on the cheek) after communion? or is this another old wives tale, I have heard that even sneezing and yawning is a no no.  :)
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    Need prayers for my mother

    she is 75 after decades of thyroid-disorder symptoms, so bad that they almost had her bed ridden from the pain for months on end for decades, the only diagnosis was anxiety and depression as everything else they ever tested her for was perfectly normal. When she was rushed to emergency twice...
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    To the Aussies-George Negus Story to air Thurday 22/11/2011

    Hi I just caught this on Channel 10 news, I am pretty sure it will be about Brother now Reverend Themi (fits description, ex rocker becomes a monk), not sure if you have heard of him, but he was one of the speakers at fellowship during my uni days, very inspirational. I think you can watch...
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    Please Pray for this family, so heartbreaking.

    Ayen Chol clung to her mum but relentless pitbull could not be stopped http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/sydney-nsw/ayen-chol-clung-to-her-mum-but-relentless-pitbull-could-not-be-stopped/story-e6freuzi-1226117752772 Lord Have Mercy :'(
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    Email-creating default accounts

    Hi, How do I make windows mail my DEFAULT email account again, and DISABLE microsoft office . because for some time now I can only receive form microsoft office and cannot reply to incoming mail because I have not bought the program. I do not even know why it happened. I went into windows...
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    Please tell me dreams mean nothing...

    I woke up completely distressed this morning, everytime I dream of snakes, really awful things tend to follow in real life, betrayal and loss of friends being the main ones.  :( I pray it is just garbage, and my experience has just been coincidence. I do however have a real life phobia of...
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    query-judaism and reincarnation

    read this article this morning, probably nonsense, I just did not think they believed in reincarnation. Poor dog http://www.news.com.au/world/court-sentences-dog-to-death-by-stoning/story-e6frfkyi-1226077492084
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    I need prayers please...

    Please pray for me, I need  to let go of the past, I need to forgive, I need to move on. Thankyou
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    email query

    Hi My email did something strange today, however it has been playing up the last few days, I am with optus net (mail). I had to ring them and get my log in passwords as I could not access my emails until I logged back in and could not remember my log ins and passwords, I have not used  them in...
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    How to insert a 'spoiler' alert?

    Hi Is there a way of covering/shielding what you say in a thread, for example when discussing a film or book etc.. and you don't want to wreck it for others who have not read or seen it or don't want to know, something like a 'spoiler' shield available on this forum?  and if someone wants to...
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    Penguins Mourning- Sad

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    Prayer for the Queensland and Melbourne Flood Victims

    Please pray for those who have lost their loved ones, livelihoods and homes, some of the stories regarding children being torn away by the currents whilst being held by their parents or rescuers is heart breaking.
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    Please Pray for Georgia

    She is a Dear young family friend of ours who has battling breast cancer for 3 years now, we were just told that she is in hospital and pretty much told that there is nothing else that can be done for her, she is being sent home. I prayer for a miracle I pray that she and her family are given...
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    Please Pray for me, I am so tired of being angry.

    I am exhausted, do I have the right to call  myself a Christian anymore? should I just walk away and expect nothing from God because I know I am shaming him. I hate the cross I have been given. There is so much hate and anger in me, towards God, my intellectually retarded brother,who is getting...
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    Pray that justice prevails at my workplace and a change in my attitude

    As problems go, in the scheme of things, this is not a major problem but will be hurting someone (manager) who does nothing else but care and put in 1000% to keep everyone happy,  but I hate injustice (yet I am too weak to stand up to it and get involved) , and  what is happening is WRONG...