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  1. ambrosemzv

    Old vs. New Calendar?

    Well, I have to agree with Greg, that one cannot "throw out" the opinions of the fathers, just because they happen to have used intemperate language. St. Jerome was notorious for it, but I doubt either Keble or Ebor are prepared to dismiss him, in general. On the other hand, his opinions...
  2. ambrosemzv

    Austrian Bishop Urged to Resign Over Explicit Photos

    This is horrifying. Aaron, I think Spartacus' idea is not that marriage will "cure" homosexual priests, but that an entirely celibate priesthood may be regarded by young homosexual men, who do not want to seriously confront the problem of their sexuality, as a "safe harbor," or a way to live a...
  3. ambrosemzv

    Young Earth Creation?

    Okay: Divine inspiration of the authors of Sacred Scripture did not occur in the sense of the Holy Spirit whispering Hebrew words audibly into the ears of the persons who set the Scriptures into writing. It was not an act of simple dictation. Nor did this inspiration involve the introduction...
  4. ambrosemzv


    Welcome to the forum, Ghazaros! It will be nice to have an actual member of the Aremenian Apostolic Church to answer our questions and give your perspective.
  5. ambrosemzv

    Young Earth Creation?

    Actually, D refers to "the Deuteronomist," whom documentarians have hypothesized as the author of all, or at least the predominate strand, of the "deuteronomical history," which stretches (according to the hypothesis) from Deuteronomy through II Kings (IV Kings for you LXX sticklers :)). In...
  6. ambrosemzv

    Old vs. New Calendar?

    By placing faith in the intelligence and discernment of our bishop, his Eminence Arbp. Dmitri; our metropolitan, his Beatitude Herman; and all the Orthodox patriarchs, none of whom (including those who have retained the Julian calendar) have excommunicated those who have adopted the Revised...
  7. ambrosemzv

    Can my husband receive communion?

    Well, I think Queen's reading has some validly. Jesus did, in fact, share in table fellowship with a lot of very suprising folks. I think that in many of the Gospels, these incidents are typological, and refer to the future institution of Holy Communion. But, I don't think that one must...
  8. ambrosemzv

    Really cool--man made palm islands

    Looks like the ultimate in "planned communities," with all the character of a golf course. Blekh! :P
  9. ambrosemzv

    Bishop of Rome Returns Kazan Icon

    O, come on. He was given the icon. He hoped to return it personally, combining the generosity of the gesture with the symbolism of a physical visit, as a sign of steps toward a rapprochement between the RO and RC churches. His hopes for a physical visit have not been, and will not be...
  10. ambrosemzv

    Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit

    It doesn't matter. Etymologically, they're equivalent. Having a preference is kind of silly. From http://www.etymonline.com ghost - O.E. gast "soul, spirit, life, breath," from P.Gmc. *ghoizdoz Probably related to: gust - 1588, possibly a dial. survival from O.N. gustr "a cold blast of...
  11. ambrosemzv

    Chrismation Cold Feet

    Keble, are we to expect an attack--along with ALL CAPS shouting--every time one of speculates on weaknesses of the Western tradition? It doesn't, I admit, speak well of Orthodox folks if they have to constantly point out what they feel are the weaknesses of the non-Orthodox. But, I think at...
  12. ambrosemzv

    Chrismation Cold Feet

    I imagine I may get blasted for armchair, amature pseudo-psychology, but I'm risking it anyway, because I care about those who have posted here, though I have not met them. Sinjinsmythe, Several times you have expressed incredibly deep levels of pain and depression on this forum. It pains me...
  13. ambrosemzv

    Best System of Government?

    I have to admit to moments when I wonder if the American experiment is going to work out. Our emphasis on individualism and the "rights of the individual," without a document that places equal emphasis on the value of community, a clear articulation of the values of tradition, of our...
  14. ambrosemzv

    Explain the differences between different Eastern Orthodox churches?

    Wow, you're way up there! I once visited my brother in Sandviken, which is due west of G+ñvle, when he was an exchange student (I was living and studying in Strasbourg, at the time). Is Arboga even futher north than G+ñvle? PS: I grew up in Juneau, Alaska, which is at the same...
  15. ambrosemzv

    Explain the differences between different Eastern Orthodox churches?

    Slotte, it is nice to have you join in the discussions. I noted your signature states that "I am Lutheran and Finnish Orthodox." How is this possible?
  16. ambrosemzv

    Is NFP etc allowed?

    There appears to be a range of opinion on the admissibility of NFP. I think a principle accepted by nearly all Orthodox who write on the subject is that a marriage must be open to the possibility of new life, but the particular way, and possible exceptions, are generally left to the discretion...
  17. ambrosemzv

    For the baby

    God grant you all many years!
  18. ambrosemzv

    Yet Another Gay Marriage Thread

    Right. Matthew 1:24 states that Joseph "ouk eginosken aftin eos ou eteken yion . . .," ("did not know her [until] she had born a son"). Ginosko is used here as an equivalent to the Hebrew ydh, just as it is consistently used in place of ydh in the LXX translation of Genesis, in places where...
  19. ambrosemzv

    Mesopotamian Flood Myths, and Creation Myths?

    Why should it surprise us that the narratives recounted in Genesis are also recounted in other Mesopotamian literatures? Indeed, if it could be proven (though it cannot) that the Genesis accounts have their origins in older Sumerian/Babylonian/Assyrian/Akkadian myths, why should that be...
  20. ambrosemzv

    Yet Another Gay Marriage Thread

    The Hebrew does not really contain many surprises, or much that would lend toward a different translation than those cited: 19:5: "Wayyikra'u 'el-Lot wayyo'mru l'o, ''Ayyeh ha 'anashim 'asher-b'ou 'eleykha? Hotsiim 'eleynu wned`ah 'otam.'" The verb, "ned`ah," is the nifal form of ydh, that...